Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Showin fun..

Last Friday and Saturday was our first show of 2012 and second show of the season.  Are you confused?  This show was in Colombus, OH.  Scarlett & Gray is held at the Ohio Expo Center.  It's a fun show to go to.   We stall outside under a viaduct, with trains going overhead.  And we are completely at the mercy of the elements. There is no heat at any time other than what you bring.
Last year at this show it was 19 for the high, ice everywhere and miserable.  But we had fun and we loved it.  This year it was int he 40s, sunny and enjoyable.  And this year we had both babes showing. 

Last Year:

This Year:

This years weather has been unusually warm.  So we don't plan on having all the sunshine and warmth next year.  But we sure did enjoy it.  This years pictures where taken with my new camera "Dink". They are unedited except for Little Mans photo and I added  the edges.  Dink is my new little travel buddy.

Little Man;Scarlett & Gray-2012
Ring A-2nd; Ring B-3rd
Little Miss; Scarlett & Gray-2012
Ring A-2nd; Ring B-2nd


dawsonfarms921 said...

The pic of Little Man & his heifer nose to nose is adorable. I want to see his face about 5 seconds after this shot when she laid a big wet kiss on him!

Amanda said...

My goodness, they look so proud. :) What kind of camera did you get? New gear is sooo fun! And thanks for your kind words and shout-outs here on your blog to me - you are a gem!