Thursday, January 31, 2013

Show Cattle knowledge....

Anyone who is in or around livestock can get their dander up in a heartbeat when someone attacks what you love.  A few days ago an individual left a comment on a wonderful couples facebook page regarding show cattle.  Whether this person left that comment to be malicious, didn't know what they were talking about or just made a comment without thought is something that left a bitter taste in a lot peoples mouths.  I don't feel that we should attack anyone for their opinion, everyone is entitled.  But I also feel that if you make a comment you have to be prepared to defend what you say.  And i also feel that when people make a comment about something they are unaware of, that they need to be educated.  So here is me educating about treatment of show cattle!

Show cattle are one of the most pampered animals.  Their births are planned out very specifically.  The bull and cow are picked specifically to make a show animal.  An animal that will show the best of it's breed and it lineage. Once they are chosen to be a show prospect.  The day to day care increases.  They are usually in a show barn where they are interacted with daily and multiple times.  These calves are trained to walk on a halter and lead just like you would train your dog to walk on a leash.  They have special bedding to make it easy to keep them clean.  There is always fresh water available.  Their feed is usually a custom bag feed or a specialty mix made just for them.  It is weighed and each gets their own feed.  Show calves are given baths to condition and take care of their hair. They are then put in a chute where they are combed and blown dry with a high powered dryer.  The chute they are put in is for their safety and yours.  It doesn't hurt them at all. It even has a padded floor to make them comfortable.  Also when they are in the chute is when they get their hair clipped to make them look their best.  It's called fitting them.  It's basically like going to a hair salon for us.  When they are done, they are shiny, fluffy and a beautiful example of their breed.

the calving pens for our mommas

show feed for the heifers


combs and scrubbers to get them clean

the dryer we use to get the heifers dry

team work to get a heifer dry
Show cattle are exposed to many different environments.  Ours are exposed to dogs, cats, equipment and have a radio that plays all day for them.  They are tied each day, either standing or laying for certain amounts of time every day to get them used to the times when they will be at shows. They are kept under turbo fans to keep them cool and help grow their hair.  When we are walking the cattle it lets them learn how fast or slow you want them to walk.  They are also taught how to be set up to make them eye appealing when they are shown.  It's basically making them square and standing in a relaxing stance.  Then they have their bellies scratched with a show stick.  It's very calming and they are relaxed.  Usually chewing their cud and just taking in their surroundings.

the turbo fans we use to keep the heifers cool

the Mister making sure the girls stay clean

fitting a steer for the show ring

Little Lady fogging the heifers to keep them cool, the Mister is keeping an eye on her!
Show cattle have their feet trimmed to keep their feet in good shape.  Just like you would trim your fingernails to keep them from growing too long.  The cattle are given vaccinations just like you would get to keep you healthy and from getting sick. Their needs come before our own.  They live better than most people do.  They very quickly become a part of your family.  We take new birth with excitement and every loss personally.

our Little Lady loves to work calves

she loves him!
I'm sure it's mind boggling to some why we do what we do.  But we love it.  It's a labor of love breeding, calving and raising cattle.  It's not a 9-5 job.  It's a job you have to do no matter what the weather.  And the best part of showing the cattle is all the wonderful friends that we have made.  They are our show family and we love them.  We also love the traveling and getting to see new places.  But the most wonderful thing is that we do this as a family and we are together.  And the bond that our children have with these animals is amazing.  Even after they are done in the show ring and are turned out to be just cattle, that bond continues.  Several of our cattle are past show cattle and they still come up to you and want you to scratch them and rub them.

just a few clipper boxes and cans of "hair products"

the aftermath of a fitting
So my words to anyone that thinks that show cattle or any of our animals are mistreated, come to our farm.  Or go to a cattle show and truly watch how the animals are cared for.  Ask any cattleman or woman and they would be glad to share their love for cattle.  Be informed and learn from someone that does it on a daily basis.  Not just because you have heard or you assume.
now do they look miserable, NO

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been doing some serious decluttering.
I have been decluttering emotionally, physically and in our house.
I have to tell you it's a wonderful feeling to be getting back to me.
To feel comfortable in my own skin.  To feel confident in the relationships that I have.
And to let go of the toxic things in my life

This hasn't been a quick fix type of thing.
I have been going through this process for the last 2 years.
I know that sounds like for forever, but baby steps are best!

I have realized finally that no one makes decisions for me.
That I can say no to people, even though I still feel bad sometimes.
I know that even though I'm alone most of the day, I need to do something just for me.
That I owe no one an explanation.
That I am who I am if you don't like it, that's your opinion and I can't change it.
That even though I don't like it, I can't fix everything for everyone else.
That sometimes even though I don't agree, I'm just going to walk away.
That it's better to be silent than to say something.

I have had to make changes once again in my diet.
My stomach that has been a constant problem for the past 3 years, is just not going to change.
So it's back to what will probably just be how it is going to be.
And that's okay once you do something for so long it becomes a habit.

Our home is slowly being cleaned room by room.
I think I'm in a nesting pattern waiting for warm weather, calves to come and all the business of spring!
It's a great feeling to get rid of things that I know we don't need or won't use.
And it's like a whole new room after I rearrange and change the look of  a room.
I have even painted and hung photos and paintings that have been hidden away.

For me it has been a long process for many reasons.
I haven't wanted to face my demons.  Or for me the fact that I feel like I have to take on the world.
It's been a journey that my wonderful Mister has helped me so much with.
And I still struggle every day, but with my Mister and my babies everything will fall into place.
I have a wonderful network of a select friends who are amazing and supportive.

So Thank You to those of you have been with me.
Through the tears, fears, the questions and the realizations.
You know who you are and what part you have had.
Without you I would haven't been able to do it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Something has been on my mind and I hope you don't mind if I share and maybe ramble a bit.
It seems lately that there is a lot of people who are getting Cancer. Yes the dreaded C word that no one wants to hear.  The word that in seconds puts your whole world spinning off it's axis.  The word that instantly can define what your world will become.  My worry is anymore that it's not who has gotten the diagnosis but when.  I truly believe that it is a product of our environment.  It used to be said it was a family trait, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Like so many of you that dreaded word has been a part of my life more times than I really care for.  And I believe it has made to a much stronger person.

As many of you may or may not know my mom lost her battle in 2003.  She had been ill for a while and the Dr.s were going through the gambit of trying to figure out what was making her so ill.  At first thought it was diabetes, ruled out.  Then her heart, she had stints.  Then her gall bladder, it was healthy but an 8cm tumor was found.  That's the day the world changed.  After that day it was a crazy amount of Dr.s appointments and calls and medicines.  There was a hospital stay, treatment, tears, fears and questions.  Then four months almost to the day the dreaded call.  My brother called and told me the worst of my fears.

Since that time I have had an aunt battle breast cancer and an uncle who is currently fighting.  I also have had the second scare of my life when my best friend was diagnosed.  Due to a dog she was working with that injured her she went to the Dr. and was diagnosed very early.  Thankfully treatment went well and she is still here with all those that love her. There are so many every day that you hear about.  No one seems to go untouched.

My words of advice from a girl who lost her best friend, mentor, inspiration and mammaw to my beauties.  Don't wait till you get horrible news.  Live each day as it's meant to be lived.  Wake up a little early, enjoy a sunrise.  Watch your babies while they are sleeping.  Turn off the radio in the car and have a conversation.  Surprise someone with a card or call.  But most of all if you are put in a horrible situation where you have a loved one who is ill do something for everyone.  Take lots of pictures good and bad.  Don't delete them or get rid of them when your emotions are raw and fresh.  Take videos of our loved ones.  And the most important of all "Say what you mean and mean what yous say" to those people.  Ask any question you have ever wanted to ask.  And say everything you have wanted to say.  Because no matter how big or small it may seem at the time you will be glad you did.

Thanks for letting ramble.  I hope you take a little time today and just be.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Do I or Don't I....

Hi! Remember us?  We have been enjoying lots of family time lately. 
The Mister is home the most right now, so we have been soaking it up.
Because spring is almost here and then I will become a corn widow.
And the babies will get to see Mr. Daddy on a limited bases.
It's ok.  We love that he has a job that he loves.  And I am able to be home.

So here and there I have been nesting in a sense.
I am getting every room in the house reorganized, decluttered.
I have even rearranged furniture and painted.
This is my way of getting ready for calving and spring.
Once calving starts the house is on the bottom of the list.
And well when spring gets here, I don't want to be in the house!

I have an anniversary and birthday coming up.
And I REALLY want one of these Neat Desk scanners!
They make my OCD self very happy.
Scan everything and you can store it on your computer.
Then it can be sorted and organized for when you need or want it.
You should take a look.
I'm  so crazy about this idea.
I have even thought about trying it for the 30 days.
So I'm having serious conversations with myself about to get it or not.
We shall see.  The Mister just laughs when I get all excited when the commercial comes on.
I love weird things I know! 
But to declutter and have it all where I can easily get it, LOVE!

The desktop scanner.  It's not too large.
And zippity zip and less clutter!

This is the portable scanner .
I think this would be great if I don't want to be tied to my desk.

For those of you that hate clutter and like everything tidy and in one place.
Take a look and tell me what you think!
Have a great week everyone....

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy Weekend....

I'm not sure what to think of the crazy weather.
It's January and it's in the 50's. 
We are preparing for a heavy rain that is headed our way.
Now if it is this warm say the middle of February, I won't mind.
I would love to let the cows out in the maternity pasture and calve out in the sun.
I worry lots when it's cold and snowy when calving starts.
Poor babies tend to get chilled, get sick or get frostbite.
And the other side is with all this rain, calves are more acceptable to infections and cold.
I hope that everyone that has started calving is having a good go of it.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to a routine....

I have been busy, much to our children's distress.
I have OCD and tidiness and organization makes me very happy.
I have went room by room lately and started decluttering.
And I try and not bother the kids rooms, but ugghhh.
I just couldn't take it anymore.
So I have spent the last 3 days moving furniture and organizing their rooms.
Sigh, now I can go in there without cringing.

Duff is trying to make friends with a few of the cats that still don't like him.

The snow is almost all melted, but then it refreezes.
Which makes for a nice skating rink on my walk to the barn.

It's unusually warm here for the next few days.
And the poor cows are so hot.  They are haired up for winter not 60 degrees.
And then its supposed to drop back to the 30 in a few days.
I hope that everyone can stay healthy with all of these dramatic changes in weather.
Have a wonderful weekend with your families and friends.
We have a full weekend planned and I will have all my people home!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finally Family Fhotos....

We were finally able to get our family pictures!
It's been 2 years since the last ones, so I was ready.
And I'm redoing my living room soon, and wanted updated photos.
A friend and I do a picture swap.
I take hers and give her back her card.
Then she does ours and gives me my card.
That way we can edit and print what we want.
And it's FREE!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter Wonderland Part 3....

I'm sorry if you are getting bored with the ice and snow pictures.
But I LOVE them! They are so fun to take.
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.
Tomorrow we are getting back on schedule.
The Mister and the babies vacation ends.
And everyone has to get back to normal life.
Have a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Wonderland Part 2....

Little Mister had fun climbing on everything!

Little Lady kept "falling". And then giggling her butt off!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland Part 1....

We have a good amount of snow on the ground.
And we have been enjoying it.
The babies and i jumped on the quad and went to the woods.
And of course the puppies went too.

Little Mister and the puppies leading the way.

there were lots of tracks.
we decided what they were from and what they were doing.

the flakes were nice and pretty from the sun.

I couldn't get over the size of the thorns on some of the trees!

a nest left behind that is full of snow now.

Little Lady on our walk about.