Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Miss and her birthday fun

On December 26th our baby girl turned 9.  And she's such a cool kid.  She has such a loving spirit about her.  She wears her heart on her sleeve.  And she has such style.  She loves everything about the ocean and especially dolphins.  We even did her bedroom in a beach theme. (that's another post)  Since her birthday is the day after Christmas we rarely have a party until after the first of the year.  Since she is getting older I am trying not to wait so long, so we decided to do her party on New Year's Eve.  And it made ringing in the new year all that more fun for us.  These photos are from when we got home on her actual birthday.  We took her to Hobby Lobby and let her pick out whatever scrap booking papers and stickers she wanted.  Then we went to supper.  It was a day all about her and she loved every minute of it.

clothes from justice her favorite store.

this is a toy she wanted for Christmas but didn't get, so she's super excited! ha ha

the loved barbie.  her tail glows and she can go in the bathtub!
her new number clip i had made for her.  and squishes from daddy!
then it's a paper throwing party.  hours of entertainment!

Then on New Year's we did the beach themed party.  We were able to get everything she wanted but coconut cups.  Luckily our friend Matt had a few at his house.  So the day was saved.  And our girl loved the  way her party went.

The cashier was none too gentle with the cake so we decided there had been inclement weather at the beach on the day of her party.  She loves salsa so I made her a big batch.  And the birthday girl has to have her own cup, crown and birthday sash!  And then she made up a game and the boys were great sports in playing along with her.  She's a little rotten being the only girl.  She is the Princess of the family.
I believe that we are all caught up from the festivities from the end of our 2011 Happy Thursday Everyone...


Buttons said...

Oh Now that sounds like a party. Nine years old fabulous. My sister's birthday is Dec. 26 I always try to make it special because of Christmas also.
That squishy from Dad was probably the present that will last the longest in her memories. Great party Mom. B

Amanda said...

Love a warm sunny party theme in the dead of winter! :) Do you find that there are just ages/stages that you want to freeze your kids in for the rest of their lives? Nine looks pretty great. :)