Monday, January 16, 2012

Seeing Double

When we breed our cattle, we do so to get what we think it the best possible genetics.  One of my favorite traits is chrome(white) faces on our cattle.  Mr. M not so crazy about it.  We have never had any calves with chrome until 2 years ago.  We wait 9 months for these little cuties to arrive.  And it's the most exciting part of my year, other than watching the babes show. 
Sometimes you get some that are a little hard to tell apart.  And this is the case with two heifers we have this year.  They have the same daddy-Nuggent.  And different mommas. They are referred to as the twins.  Can you tell them apart?



Easters momma, Canute

And daddy to both-Nuggent
The funny thing is Kittitas has a white mark like a scar off her left eye just like Nuggent.  They are both going to be great cows for us.  They are sound, soggy and have great pedigrees.  I can't wait to see what their future holds.

Easter has a sweet disposition like her momma.  Her and our barn cat are best buds.  She keeps him warm..


The Coolidges said...

Love that last picture! We are almost done lambing now and I love it!!

p.s. I will get to the two tags...been super busy and haven't had time to blog. Promise I will tho :)

Dawson Cattle Company said...

That's great. We are just getting started calving.
So I'm sure my posts will be less frequent.
I can't wait for your new posts, I enjoy reading.
have a great week!