Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kylee, our neice had her first birthday party. What a cutie! Hard to believe shes one allready. Everyone from both families was there. We had lots of cake. And she got lots of goodies.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Princess, being her usual weird self. I swear she thinks shes a person sometimes. The horses got there feet dones today, which was nerve wracking. They had their feet done after we got them, but i wasnt present. They did well as long as they could see each other.
Its raining again today, so im going to hang in the house with the kids. Mark is off with Jeff (his brother) doing cattle stuff. I think i may bake some cookies and start a new book, or watch a movies i haven't seen in a while.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mark was getting the combine ready to cut wheat. He needed to grease and Garrett thought he needed to supervise

You cant see him but just to the right of the ladder is Hank. He thought the combine made great shade and was also helping Mark grease the combine.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July weekend is over. It was a rainy one. We spent most of the evening in the garage watching the rain come down. We had lots of good food, as we always do. More food than people.
We were able to sit around the fire for a bit and roast marshmellows and make smores. Thank goodness since thats what the kids had been waiting for.
Time to get ready for the week and get some things done. We will registering for school soon and going back to the grind and schedules.

Friday, July 3, 2009

While i was trying to avoid cleaning mimi is in the house in a gymnastics leotard, with a belt and microphone. She is Hannah Montana. She dances around and sings. I will get some pictures somtime, just for when shes older.
Anyway she came outside when i was getting ready to go in and she just had to show some love to Diesel. The girl has the biggest heart. She reminds me of my mom, always hugging and kissing. Even the animals!

Finally, the wheat is ready. Which means time to bale straw. Which always such an exciting job. If only the animals new how hard we work to keep them warm when its freezing outside. I always tell mark that i want to run through the wheat in my bare feet when he plants it because its such a beautiful green.

So i'm supposed to be doing something constructive, like cleaning. I just didn't feel like it, so i went out and took some photos of the horses. Diesel wont stand more than 1 inch from the camera.

It's fourth of July weekend. Where has the past 5 months went. I was doing the calendar that I keep on the fridge the other day and in 3 weeks i will be registering the kids for school.

I'm ready for State Fair. I love the sounds, smells and i love to watch the people. I hope that everyone has a good holiday. I cant wait to sit back and just relax with our friends and family and EAT!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

This is Jacob Hall. My friends Doug and Christys son. He showed this steer at county fair and got Reserve Champion County Born Steer. The steers name is Walt and Walt went to be butchered. So Jake and I took some pictures of them together. What a beautiful morning. Thanks for letting me take these for you Jake.

So, the fair is over and all the pictures are edited and sent to the Extension office and the newspaper. I love donating my time and taking pictures for these kids. They work so hard and deserver to have a momento to have to show their families when they get older.

The handsome man in the center is our nephew Tyler. He won Senior Showman and then went out and won Master Showman. Thats what showing cattle is all about. If you cant show them then you are wasting everyones time. He has become quite the cattleman. And we are proud of him. Way to go Tyler!

These things are so ugly, they are pretty. I believe they are on a clematis plant. They remind me of something you would find in the ocean. Weird and unusual!

So im walking through the house picking up after everyone, and i look in the sunroom. Harley, in her favorite spot sleeping. Her and Kimber love to sleep in here during the day in the sun.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This interesting looking plant is a popcorn plant. When you rub the leaves it smells like popcorn. A friend of ours has it on his deck and I think it is so neat.