Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Out with the old..

I have been wanting to replace our mailbox for a while.  It's not very big for photos to be delivered, packages and all those important things. :)  And when the rain blows the door pops open on it.  The weather gets in it and then we had to dry out the mail.  So finally while with SIL Mel I got the post.  And wondered how many times I would have to ask before Mr. M put it up for us.

Then we went to NAILE in November and I asked for some mailbox decor.. And Mr. M had no choice but to put up our new mailbox.  So he got all the supplies and off he went.  I love it.  The mail stays dry, photo envelopes fit and so do some of the smaller packages. 

Tada!  Now to find a cow rain gauge for it and it's complete.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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