Monday, August 29, 2011

Manic Mondays

It's amazing how fast Monday rolls around.  The week rolls by slowly and the weekend goes by too fast.  This past 4 days have been a flurry of busy here.  We videoed and photographed sale calves for the upcoming sale on September 9th.  We had visitors to see the calves over the weekend.  And there was the normal chores and jobs to do in between.  Yesterday we got going bright and early and brought home a new addition.  Lily (Little Mans show heifer) was reunited with her momma.  We worked out a purchase for her while we were in Sedalia.  But we had to wait for her to wean before we could bring her home.  She will calve in the spring then we will flush her before re breeding her.  She does have a great head of hair going on and I will get photos to share.  Her registered name is Bertha, but I have renamed her Buckwheat!  Lily's name was also Bertha, but we renamed her Lily.  When you see the photos you will understand.  Lily was put out to pasture to be a cow for the next few weeks.  And that stressed me a little.  But she loves the heifers and was playing like the new kid on the playground.  We will bring her back in soon to start getting her ready for North American International Livestock Exposition in Kentucky.  The week ahead is busy and supposedly going to be wet.  So I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week.  Happy Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Michigan 2011

We made a  fast and furious to Ludington, Michigan.  We try and go every August.  We plan the trip around State Fair, detassling, school and harvest at Mr. Ms job.  No pressure at all! haha  This year was tons of fun even if it was short and sweet.  We got there late on Friday night.  Got up on Saturday and  walked the smalll town, the beach and then out to the lighthouse... Then we took the boys to the docks and they took off for their fishing trip.  We three girls went sightseeing and shopping.  We spent a little time at the beach.  Then at 10 we went back to the dock to get the boys.  They caught some really nice salmon.  So we can have fresh salmon for a while.  Sunday was spent on the beach just hanging before the 6 hour drive home.  Did I mention that it was only in the low 70s while we were there during the day.  So have a great weekend and be safe!

House of Flavors!  very yummy

The boys heading out.

The Little Men with the catch.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

State Fair 2011

State Fair has come and gone.  It was a lot of fun for our family.  It was hot while there.  And we cant wait to do it all over again!  Our Little Man and Lily stood 2nd in his class.  She decided that she need to let her milk come in, in her back quarters.  So she got 2nd for that.  But that's okay.  Little Man had a blast and came out with a smile on his face.  Job well done, no matter the placing.  Here are a few pictures from the 5 days we were there.  I hope everyone had a great Thursday!

This display is nade completely out of cheese.

This is a cockroach sunbathing...yuck!

Part of a model farm..Little Man loved it!

Our Little Man showing his girl!

Monday, August 22, 2011


It's Monday once again.  I'm home with just the animals.  The babes are off to school and Mr. M is at work.  As I type this, the dog is snoring, a bird is chirping and the neighbors dogs are barking.  I just watched a video of the cutest little boy.  His parents tried for 6 long years to have him and they are photographing/videoing him at every chance.  It's the simple things that make you happy.
 We spent the weekend in Michigan.  We have started going every August.  We charter fish, hang at the beach and just relax and be.  That's hard for us.  But Mr. M and I have realized the babes are growing fast and these are the things we need to do for our family.  Because outside of the four of us, nothing is more important.  Happiness is only what you make it.  If you spend all your time go, go, going what are you really enjoying.  Sometimes you just have to say no.  Sometimes you should not talk but listen.  And sometimes you should just sit and be.  So have a great week, I know I will!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schools In Session!

The babes started school today.  Little Man is in the 5th grade and Little Miss is in the 3rd grade.  They were both very excited about it.  We will see how long the excitement lasts.  They met some new friends and caught up with some old ones.  Thankfully it's a short week so they can work into the new schedule slowly.  And we are off to Michigan on Friday!  Enjoy the picts and have a great evening.

Our Little Miss..

The new glasses! She's too cute for words.

Our Little Man..

He hates to smile and hates me to take his picture!

And sometimes I can get a photo of both of them smiling!

P.S.   Please excuse the sun in the background and the creepy fog..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tennessee - Part 2

While we were in the southern states it was sooo relaxing.  It's like everything slowed down, people were not in a hurry.  Even time seemed to slow down.  My SIL's grandpa is battling cancer and is in his 80s.  He is so courageous.  He has great humor, a smile on his face and a love for family.  We truly enjoyed our time there and the peace of mind.  So while her grandpa would rest we would take all the babes out for mini adventures.  And on Monday when we came home we decided to break-up the drive with a surprise for the babes.  Enjoy!  Happy Tuesday..

All the babes on a giant turtle.

The entrance to the cave we went to.

This is how low the ceiling was to get in.. And we are in a small boat!

My SIL and Miss K.. the babes had to wear life vests.  The water was 4ft deep.

It takes this many eggs to feed us all breakfast... the kids wanted this picture!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tennessee- Part 1

A few weekends ago my SIL and I took the four babes and her momma to visit with her grandparents.  We all rode in one vehicle and it was soo much fun! The babes ranged in age from 3,4, 8 & 10.  The dvd player that I never wanted in our vehicle was a saving grace. 6 hrs in a car is along time to be good.  So here are some photos from our trip.  I hope you enjoy.  Happy Monday!

Fresh Figs..

The inside of the figs.  I really enjoyed them.

Little Miss playing in the water at the state park.

Little Man enjoying the cool water.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Life Is Good..

Things are great here.  Life is moving along at a steady pace.  Sometimes too fast for my liking.  But that's when I take a step back and try and enjoy every millisecond.  The kids and I went to Tennessee for a weekend getaway.  We just finished up 5 days at our State Fair.  The kids are registered for school, which starts next week.  Our Little Miss got glasses.  The puppy isn't a puppy so much right now.  We finally, finally got some rain!  All the calves are growing like weeds.  The mommas have been moved and are getting fat with the babes growing in their bellies.  Mr. M finished up detassling at work finally. And we are going to take a last minute trip to Michigan for our fishing trip.   Our life is great!  I look forward getting back to a schedule.  And maybe, just maybe after harvest things will slow down.  But if not we will take it in stride.

Have a great rest of the week! I look forward to getting back to blogging regularly.  And sharing photos from our summer of activity.  Take care.