Monday, January 9, 2012

New Friend

I love my camera.  It's a part of me.  I take it to so many places.  And I love saving all of our memories for when the babes are older.  But sometimes I don't want to or can't carry my big girl camera.  So after Junior Nationals this summer I start researching point n shoots.  My only problem is that I want the same great pictures that I get with my big girl camera.  So after much research and asking I got one.

Here he is, my new little camera.  It's the Nikon S9100.  And so far I love it.  We had our second cattle show this weekend so I decided to try it.  Low light, moving kids/cattle, about every test I can try.  And I am happy with the photos. I haven't tried the video yet.  I didn't take my big girl camera out of the bag all weekend.  The only thing was, I git a button by accident and deleted a whole days worth of photos.  Thankfully I had read an article and was able to download some software and I now have all the photos!  I will share the photos with you tomorrow.  Have a great day.

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Sarah said...

I get tired of lugging my camera around sometimes also. I recently got an iphone and it takes good pictures in good light, but is horrible in low light. I may have to check this one out....or just snatch B's ;0)