Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally Friday!

This will be the best Friday in a while!  It's the last Friday the kids will be at school.  And I can't wait for all the fun stuff we can do this summer.  Unfortunately, Mr. M will be working many of the weekends ahead.  And hopefully one day soon we will be able to get into the fields.  Not getting anything planted is starting to put everyone on edge.  And with all the storms that have been going on in the last few weeks doesn't help either.  This weekend is a holiday weekend.  I hope you all celebrate the true meaning of Memorial Day.  And I hope that you have a safe and fun weekend with your family and friends.  Happy Friday :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Thoughts!

I didn't get to blog yesterday... I spent the day chasing rainbows!  And then yesterday we had horrible storms.  We had hail damage, high winds and two scared babies...  But we are lucky that the damage was minimal and we are all okay.  I wish for this weather to calm down.  People are losing sooo much.  We haven't even gotten into the fields because of all the ground being so wet!  We have no new hay field, no corn in, and no beans in. It's all sitting in the barn with moth balls under it so the mice will stay out of it.  So we will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully the rain will come to an end sooner than later.  Here's a few picts of what the hail did.. Have a great day!

our new gutters got torn off and this is some of the hail

our poor hostas didn't fair very well

some of the holes in our siding, I'm glad the new stuff wasn't on yet.

our torn screen

one of the windows during the storm

the grain cart ended up hugging the bin, the wind was so strong.

the gauge shows 2 inches, but i think there was more than that!

Duff love all the high wind, he's always hot...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Girls!

Our Toy Fox Terrier

Our Boxer

Our in house calico.
These are our Girls! Yes, we are crazy we have four dogs.  But each one of them has come to us for a reason and become an important part of our family.  We got Harley when Little Man was 8 months old.  He just turned 10 in March.  Kimber was a pup we got when I helped deliver her by c-section when I worked at a local vet clinic.  Princess was a barn cat that we got when our Little Man got potty trained.  We told him he could have anything he wanted and Princess is what he wanted!  So we are crazy about our animals...  I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Boys!

Hank - Our Red Heeler

Duff - OurAustralian Shepherd
These are our boys! Hank was our first child.  We got him a month after we got married.  He's having lots of bad days.  But we are hoping he can make it longer than the vet keeps telling us.  Duff is the baby of our four legged children.  He just turned a year old.  He's the one who does what he wants, when he wants.  And he's learning all of Hank's good and bad habits.  Next time, our girls.... Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fabulous Friday!

Today is beautiful outside.  The windows open.  The grass is finally mowed!  I'm gonna play in the dirt, weeding a couple of flower beds.  And I'm taking some picts for a local friend for her son's  preschool.  Yesterday, I got my facial.  I work in hog barns washing for the neighbors.  Mr. M has informed me that the continuous rain has slowed they are steadily planting for work.  So this weekend may start the long stretch for 7 day work weeks for him.  And maybe, just maybe the ground will dry up here and we could get planted.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful and fun filled weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weird Things In Our yard...

I found this little critter on my way to the barn.  Lucky for me he was no longer living.  The dogs played a little to hard with him.  The kids found him very fascinating.  The pointy nose.  The long toenails and weird shaped feet.  And the fact that they are blind.  And before I could pick him up and dispose of him, the cat took off with him.  So I'm not really sure where he ended up.  But I am glad we are missing one more mole that likes to dig awful holes in the yard!  Happy Tuesday..

They are everywhere...

The babes love to pick them! And they are fun to pick and play with.  But they drive me crazy... With all of the rain, the dandelions are spreading like crazy.  And it seems the more I mow the more they spread...Hopefully one day we will slow down on all the rain we are getting so we can spray the yard and put a stop to the spreading.  But for now we have a wonderland of yellow all over the yard.  Have a happy day!

Friday, May 13, 2011

How much is too much?

I recently started going through the photos files on my laptop and desktop.  I usually try and do this twice a year.  Well I did it in January and have just started again.  It is not a short process.  On my laptop I have 38 files of photos and the desktop has over 100.  The reason for redoing it again sooo soon is that I have Facebook and some of my supposed friends on there have been "borrowing" my photos.  So even though they are embedded and you cannot print them without them being pixelated, I also copyrighted them.
So how many files do you keep on you computer?  Do you seperate them all out?  And how often do you put them on cd and delete them from your computer to make room for new pictures?  I'm just bein nosey.  Have a great Day!

Duff trying to carry off Punkin...

Duff waiting patiently will I check cows.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

So lots of my blogger friends are doing this fun Wednesday blog idea.. So I decided to do it too! So here goes with What I'm Loving this Wednesday.


I'm Loving that all of this mud is drying up!  Because my Muck boots get very hot.  And I hate wearing shoes.


I'm loving that there is a lot of this going on!  And the Mr. M and myself with be able to get some of it done if the weather keeps up!


I'm loving that these little boogers are not this cute and small anymore.  They are double and triple this size now.  So it will be easier to have them butchered in 3 weeks.

And I'm absolutely loving that I get these two cuties on Friday to spoil!  That's the best part of being an aunt.  So I'm sure they will want and need their pictures taken. 

Happy Wednesday Everyone! What are you loving today?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

not very exciting here

Things were pretty dull around here today.  It was a really nice day finally.  No rain and the sun was shining, so I got the yard mowed and piddled a lot today.  I walked around looking at some ideas for another row of flowers against the house.  I have misgivings about this because this fall we will hopefully be putting the final new windows in the house and the new siding should go up.  But the urge to move some lillies and hostas is stronge.  We shall see.
  Today was lamb weigh-in for our county.  Mr. M and Little Man took his two wethers in.  Little Man was pretty excited about it, but he is super excited that today was his last day wearing his surgical boot.  So he's testing out the new toes.  I watch him hoping he doesn't hurt himself and I'm worried sick about school tomorrow.  I'm afraid of him getting stepped on.
 Little Miss is doing a diaroma on manatees for school.  So I stayed home with her and we finished that up.  We jammed to Hannah Montana and sang and laughed.  She's so cute with that little dimple on her nose.  These are the last few weeks of school.  So we are in the final stretch of the school rush.  And 4-H projects are getting planned, animals are getting close to being ready for our fair.
So bring on summer! We are ready for planting, getting in the new hay field.  I can't wait for some of the things we have planned for the summer.  So I hope everyone has a great week ahead! Happy Tuesday...

Monday, May 9, 2011


Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope all of you had wonderful days celebrating that special woman in your life.  The week ahead should be good.  There is a prediction of lots of sunshine.  So I hope you all can soak it in, and have a great productive week.  I recently started taking baby photos and I wanted to share.  I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out. This is the second set.  The others were of a baby boy that I posted last week.  Enjoy and  Have a great day!

ps: i played with natural light. so there was no flash or photo lights used.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! I have several friends, family and new blog friends who are enjoying this day.  I hope you are having a wonderful day.  It is a hard day for me because my best friend and mom is in heaven.  But with my children being older, they celebrated and made it one of the best that I have had in a long time.  So I wanted to share a few of my favorite picts of why I love being a mommy and aunt....Have a wonderful day!

My mom and me at my wedding.

My Mom with the kids before she passed away.

Me with my husband who made me a mommmy of two great kids.

My brother's son.

My brother's daughter.

Our nephew Tyler.

Our nephew Cody.

Friday, May 6, 2011


The sun is shining! Oh how I have missed the sunshine.  I love it's warmth on my face.  And people are much nicer when the sun is shining.  Today I got to talk to a friend whom I have missed.  Her smile is so contagious, it just makes you smile no matter what kind of mood your in.  She became a first time momma a few months ago and I took her babes photos.  He's so squishy and cute! So anyway, we are gonna move the laying hens from their winter home in the barn to the great outside.  And in two weeks the meat chickens and turkeys will graduate to bigger cages.  And then at the end of the month our new laying hens will arrive.  So needless to say we have lots of feathered critters right now.  Oh and there's 2 ducks!  Then tomorrow I get to take a little girls 1 month pictures.  And the Kentucky Derby is on!  I love horse racing.. And I would love to go just once to the Kentucky Derby.  Then Sunday is Mother's Day!  So a wonderful full weekend ahead.  I hope everyone has had a productive week.  And that they have a great weekend.

Lilacs from our Lilac bush.. I wish you could smell them.....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

So I have taken a bit of a break... On Saturday we have friends and family over for a bonfire.  Monday was very restful for me.  The house was empty with everyone back to school and work. All the housework and laundry was caught up, so I just relaxed and did nothing.  Tuesday, was errands and just minor detail work.  Today was great! Little Man went to the Dr.  And he was told no more bandages and in one week he can stop wearing his boot.  That's a week early.  And our meat chickens that we got are the size of softballs now.  I can't get over how fast they are growing! And the turkeys are doing well.  And then the new layering hens will be here in 3 weeks.  Plus there is only one cow left to calve and we already half way done with our things are going well.  Happy Wednesday!