Thursday, August 6, 2009

6 years ago today, God decided that my mother had other things to do. So today i remember her. I remember her courage, strength and stubborness.
I remember the hugs and kisses, the ones i try to make sure garrett and mahlia get. I remember her laughter and how she would gleek and make us laugh harder. I remember the wonderfull way she smelled. And how she loved to read the paper in her pajamas and watch her special shows.
I miss her so much and think of her everyday. I see her when i look in the mirror and i hear her when i say something to the kids. i feel her around me.
One day we will be together again and i will give her the biggest hug, to make up for our time apart. But until then i will remember.

I Love You and Miss You!

my mom gave me this jewelry. its not anything other than costume. but it was my grandmother and my mothers. i keep it in the box that she gave it to me in, and mahlia loves to get it out and play with it.. she trie it on and primps in the mirror.

this is her favorite one. she gets it out first almost everytime.

here it all is together.
This is kylee.
This is Mahlia.

the one on the left in the blue is me and the little girl in the black and white photo is my mom. I think we all look alike. same eyes and nose. mom and i have the same hair in these photos.
Mom with garrett and mahlia. gt loved hugging grandma. he stayed with them a lot. to the point that when i was pregnant with mahlia, i think he was there every other weekend.

this is at mark and i wedding reception. we had a blast dancing! mom even took a whirl with my aunt.

So pretty! This is moms graduation picture from school. Flawless is how she looks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

So here is the bucket of tools we use to put up the fence. The posthole driver that goes on the front of the skid steer, that makes life so easy. The ground was so dry one day that Mark had to cut the end of the corner posts to get them started in the ground. And then we have the boss at work. I am being shook to death in the skid steer. That is my job. FUN! I will be so glad when we are done.

Things have gotten a little crazy around here. We have been building fence, trying to get it done before we bring the cows back home. The kids go to riding lessons once a week. Trying to keep yardwork and housework up. Registered for school this week and went to drs appointments to make sure everything is up to date to start school. Anyway, i will get back to posting regularly soon.