Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New arrivals..

We have been a little busy around here.  The weather is so crazy! One day it's warm, then cold, then snowing.  You just never know what you will wake up to.  I'm waiting for it to just turn off cold and stay that way, but who knows.

We have been having a few new arrivals the last couple of days.  I have been checking cows every two hours, even at night.  I'm glad to be able to do this.  It's so rewarding when you save one and then they are out playing with the others.  If not it can be heartbreaking loosing one.  You work so hard and wait so long.  We take it very personally.

We currently have 3 on the ground.  The first was a first calf heifer that calved on her own.  The second is a cow we've had a few years.  And then yesterday we had a heifer that her calf wanted to arrive with his head facing his butt.  So with the chains and a LOT of help, he's resting in the barn with his momma.  Now to calve a few more.  Have a small break and start all over.  Seeing a calf born still amazes me, it's like the first time every time.

I have a few photos of the new babes I will share once I'm not exhausted and can relax a little.  But I have been keeping up with everyone and enjoy you posts.  Have a great week!


Alica said...

I just love seeing those new calves laying happily in the straw. Glad that difficult calving ended up ok...that's a tough one!

The Coolidges said...

So fun! Love that picture!

Hope you are getting some extra rest :)

Buttons said...

Oh I can so relate. I love it though it is truly an amazing experience.
Get rest when you can I am thinking of you. Cute calf. B