Friday, January 6, 2012

11 Post

The Rules:
1.  You must post these rules.
2.  Each person must post eleven things about themselves on their blog.
3.  Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.

one. What is your favorite jewelry accessory? Why?   My wedding rings; Mr. M and I picked them out and in November he had them reset in white gold for me.  And my mom's wedding set; I think of her every time I look at it and I like having something of hers.

two. What is the best roller coaster you have ever ridden?  The wonderful roller coaster of life!  You always plan how you want or wish things to be when your young.  But mine turned out better than I could have ever planned.

three. How many years have you been a part of blogger?  Since 2008, it's so wonderful to see, talk to and be inspired from so many different people from different parts of other states.

four. If you have a college degree, what is it in? If not, what grade are you in?  I don't have a college degree, just a GED.  I'm in the middle aged grade! ha ha  Not too young and not too old.

five. How many times have you watched the movie, Finding Nemo?  I have lost count, the babes love that movie.  They love to watch it over and over.  It's the whole ocean thing with my Little Miss.

six. What is your favorite Bible character? Why?  I'm ashamed that I don't know the bible very well.  I would like to remedy that.  I learn so many things from several of my fellow bloggers and it inspires me more to learn what I can.. So thank you Amanda, Memory and Marli!

seven. What is your favorite season?  Fall.  I love wearing long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, the colors, the smells and Mr. M is slowing down at work.

eight. What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?  A barium milkshake.. I to drink 4 of them after my Lap Nissen to fix my stomach.  Sadly it was to check for holes.  They are awful and leave an awful taste in your mouth and throat.

nine. What is one of your new years resolutions?  I don't make them.  I just try and do something I didn't do the year before or fix something about myself that I want improve.

ten. How fast can you say, "Peter Piper Picked a Pepper" without messing it up?  I couldn't do it without laughing so I gave up! :)

eleven. Will you pass this award on to other fellow bloggers? ;) Because if you don't.....  YES!  I love seeing everyone answers and learning something new about everyone.

1..  What made you decide to start blogging and where do you get your post ideas?

2..  What is your favorite lens and why?

3..  What software if any do you use on your photos and do you edit them all?

4..  If you could go anywhere, do anything for a few days where would you go and do?

5..  What's your favorite style?

6..  If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?

7..  If you have lost someone in your life, and you had the chance to talk to them one more time, who would  it be and why?

8..  If you have a million dollars what would you do with it?

9..  What's two of your favorite smells?

10..  Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs?

11..  What's your most prized possession?

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This was fun.  I hope that eveyone I tag can participate. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend. We are going to take advantage of the warm weather for some fun.  Happy Friday to everyone!


Purposely at Home said...

yay! so glad you participated! loved your answers. ;)


Buttons said...

Hello I am going to put my answers on this comment if that is OK.
1-My girls need to hear my stories. I wished I had heard all my Dad's

2-Only use a point and shoot, too much mud and brush to use anything else.

3-Never edit when I do it is the camera program Canon

4-Cabin in the woods and writing in isolation.

5-Jeans and hiking shoes.

6-Feral Woman and other blogger friends like you.

7-My Dad just to hug him again.

8-Pay off my girls student loans and pay off friends and families loans.

9-Chocolate and vanilla

10-Here on the farm not working as hard and hopefully writing my book.

11-My photo albums of family and the farm.
Thanks for listening B

Buttons said...

Hello Saturday (my time) meaning my next post I have an award for you to pick up. Congrats. B

memory said...

you're so sweet! i love that you love finding nemo (: great movie.

Katrina said...

So fun! Thanks for the tag... Now I have material for tomorrow's post! :)

-Katrina, Make Mine Beef