Friday, December 20, 2013

Scrubs for Calving....

Yesterday I made a comment on FB and it gots some feedback.
So I'll share with the blogger family too.

Before we know it the calves that will be arriving!
Calving can be messy business as with any baby delivery.
Sometimes there is that case where I have to help a momma out.

Pulling calves is a wet, bloody event.
Having the proper work wear can be costly.
There are those times when the clothes your wearing don't survive.
So a few years ago I came up with a solution.
I went to Goodwill and got scrub pants.
They are great! And they don't cost that much.
I wear yoga or dry fit pants with my scrubs most of calving season.
Yes I have water proof wash pants.  And I have used those over the scrubs.
But occasionally the noise from those can freak the cows or a first calver out.

The best part for me is the pockets. 
I can put chains, syringes and gloves in them and they are right there clean.
Not too mention they are comfy and easy to move around in.
I mean sometimes your on your tush bending and moving in ways that bibs don't allow.
Then when I'm done all I have to do is throw them in the washing machine.
Once they are too stained or torn I just throw them away.
Let's face it for $4.00 I will get my monies worth.

So while most people relate scrubs to Dr.s, hospitals and vets I use them here in my OB unit.
I mean I like our babies to be born in a nice clean environment too.
They are not just cattle to us.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My New Journey....

I said I was going to blog more and it's been a few weeks.
It's far from intentional. It's that time of the year where so much is going on.
But with raising babes, cattle, crops and fur kids it's always busy.
I'm sitting here with so many thoughts and ideas of things I want to share with all of you.

The biggest and most exciting thing is something that is changing my as a momma, wife and photographer.
Sounds scary I know.  And it was at first.  But now we embracing this new journey.
Back in April my best guy friend Dave Vansickle at http://vansicklecattlecompany contacted me.
He told me he found the thing for me combining both my love for cattle and photography.
Ya right.  So I listened and thought about it.  It was a posting for livestock photography.
So I took a leap and applied.  I went to Texas for a Ranch House clinic.
I came home to an email.  Welcome the http://livestockpromotions family.
Say what.  I couldn't believe what I was reading.  So started the journey.
After a few web seminars, a few on farm helping in the picture pen and then a trip to Nebraska I was ready.

Working with B.J. Eick and Marlene Eick has been so great.
The man is amazing at what he does.  He's patient, kind and a true talent.
I have learned more about cattle. About lighting and how it effects my pictures.
I have learned how to work with people and how to let them know what I need to get them what they need.
I have learned how to take a photo of cattle with little editing.
How to move cattle in a picture/video pen.  Then to make that video a work of art.
Most of all PATIENCE.  For myself, the cattle and the people helping.

So the biggest thing for me this year has been this challenge do two things I love.
Work with cattle and photography.
For me that is a life goal.  One that I hope to learn from every time I walk onto someones farm.
I'm excited for the opportunity, the experience.  And the peole I'm meeting along the way.

This is my favorite from training.  These are the kind of picture's Im excited about taking!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey Everybody....

Hey Everyone!
I know it's been forever and a day since you have seen anything out of me.
I took a break to be with my babies and enjoy some new things that are happening.
Now that things are slowing down for the winter I'll catch you all up and get back to blogger world.

I've missed interacting with all of you, but that is all changing.
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving..
I'm excited to start blogging again
Have a great day!