Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Trouble

I looked out the window one morning and noticed the electric tape down and all the cows hangin around... So I went out to check and this heifer had gotten in and got stuck! It took me over an hour to get her out and I was not a happy girl. But the heifers ok and she stayed away from the hay after that.


This is not our most recent photo... I'm a little behind with posting. I plan on updating the blog and making a better effort to stay up to date.
Anyway, I took this a few weeks ago with my phone. He is growing way to fast! And we have started working him on cattle as of last week. He does well so far, but he hasn't gotten kicked yet. I will try and take some picts of him working. He is true to his breed and very smart.

Bug Bites

Our beautiful little girl is VERY allergic to bug bites of any kind. She has had this issue from birth. According to the Dr it is because she is fair headed. And supposedly if she's gonna outgrow it, it will be around age 9 or 10. So this is what is looks like when she get bitten. It swells really bad and then she gets a blister at the bite area.
She wears the blue clip on and is sprayed with bug spray. But sometimes she gets mad and refuses to wear her clip on and this is what happens. She even has to wear one at school at recess. And if you want to know if you have fleas she can come over and let you know within about 30 mins.