Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loving Life....

We would like to apologize for not posting on a regular basis. 
Things are rolling along here. 

 The 2013 calving season is under way. 
So far we are having heifers.  We have one little guy out there.
 The weather is like a roll a coaster. 
With all the ups and downs we are trying to keep us and the animals healthy.

The kids have started Livestock Judging.
This is so great that they get to work with the High School kids.
The best part is that when they get to High School they will be way ahead.

Our Little Man will be 12 soon.
We are planning his party.
The Mister and I will celebrate 14 years of marriage.
Easter will be here before we know it!

We are tying to soak up as much family time as possible.
With spring comes the summer business.
The Mister will be busy at work.
Cattle shows will be in full swing.
County and State fair time.

We still keep up with everyone.
Thank you for your patience while we are loving this time.
I have so much to share and photos to show you.
Maybe this next week, but no promises!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Learning new things....

On Wednesday my babes get home a little earlier than normal.  And they love that! This past Wednesday was very exciting for them.  We live on a farm and there is lots to see and learn.  The Mister and I share all aspects of this life with the babes.  We want to teach them everything so that they can be a part of it all. They will one day run this farm.  Little Lady is treated no different than her brother.  They work with the brood cattle, show cattle, breeding, calving, planting, hay and harvest. They are in the trucks, tractors, skid steer and semi.  The more knowledge they have the safer they will be when they are out with us.

Right now the big question is "did we have a new baby?" They ask first thing in the morning, when they get home from school and after the last check before bedtime.  Their is excitement when there is and groans when there isn't.  We have talked to several people who have mentioned that their calves are coming early.  We move the mommas to the calving lot at 10 days before their due date.  Our first calf came 8 days early and number 2 just one day.  We currently have 3 that we are watching closely.  The cattle are checked several times a day and when one shows signs of going we will check during the night.

1st calf is out of Little Ladies show heifer from last year.
On Wednesday one of the mommas was acting strangely so I decided to put off going to the grocery.  I texted the Mister a few things I needed and asked him to stop before he left town.  At about 2 I checked and momma was definitely in labor.  So I let the Mister know.  I went to the house and got all the baby shots ready. I stuck a post it note on the door for the babes to let them know I was in the barn with a cow calving.  We give a round of things.  A&D, nasal, selenium, bolus and we douse the naval good with iodine, and they get a tag.  I trudged back to the barn and I saw a foot from the angle I was at and it was pointed right.  After 30 mins and no progress I texted the Mister to let him know she had 15 minutes and then I was jumping in.  I called the babes when I was sure they were in the house and told them to get their barn clothes on and come to the barn.

After no more progress I let the Mister know that I was going to help and I would let him know when  I was done.  I had Little Lady give me the chains and gloves.  I got the head out but I only had one leg.  So I sleeved her and couldn't feel the other leg.  So I asked the Little Mister to help me pull.  We ended up  pulling for a bit and out came the calf.  The shoulder got caught on the pelvic bone because of how the leg was pointed the wrong way.  Even with how hard it was to get HER out, she was up and at it in no time.  The babes were troopers!  Little Mister was super excited that he got to help deliver his first calf.  Little Lady was great help making phone calls and giving us what we needed to get the calf out. 

This is the calf we pulled.
She is doing really well, and momma loves her.
It's so interesting when they try and explain some of the things we do to their friends, because they can't understand it. The kids just don't understand why their friends don't understand, when it is so second nature to them.  So we let them know they have to explain it the best the can and answer any questions. Like showing cattle, helping with planting or harvest and helping a cow calve!  The best part is their friends faces when they come over and see new things and all the space they have to run around.  Life is awesome on the farm.  We love sharing it with friends and family.  Knowledge of this life is what helps keep people from making assumptions and wrong decisions about something they don't know about.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2013

It Begins....

Our Little Lady and her first show season and heifer!
DCCO Dream (shocking dream)

daddy to a few of our babies this year

Our official due date to start calving is February 14. 
We have a cow and a heifer that are A.I.ed to calve that day.
So a few days ago after taking the kids to school I was surprised to go to the cow barn and find a surprise.
Dream was standing there doing the momma talk with a beautiful babe running around her.
I had just checked them not an hour before and no sign of anything.

So I got momma and baby moved to the calf barn.
After I got them all nestled down I processed the calf and couldn't wait till Little Lady home.
This is her first show heifer and first baby.

Meet Miss Ila (eye la).
DCCO Dream x  I-80
She is a bouncing, healthy baby girl.
She has lots of hair and spunk, just like her momma and owner.

Dream and Miss Ila.
Our Little Lady is over the moon.
Some little girls love their ponies, ours loves her calves!
She is my daughter after all....

Happy calving to everyone this season.
I hope that they all arrive alive, healthy and spunky!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pet Peeves....

Like everyone I have pet peeves.  And it's funny and not so funny.  My people know that I hate it.  So every time it's said they giggle.  So in all fairness I have to use their pet peeves against them.  I guess to me it's like learning how to talk properly, you were taught as a young child.  Otherwise you sound illiterate.  And honestly that's not something I want our children to get into a habit of.  Have a little respect for yourself.  First impressions are sometimes the only one that you will get.

1. Slang term often used to replace "shit." Derived from the process of editing the vocals of rap-songs by reversing the curse words so said song could be played on radio or television.

"That's the dope ish"

This to me is one of the dumbest things a person can say.  It's even worse when people do it multiple times in a sentence.  It's just poor English.  So every time it's said in our house the evil eye is given.  And when we are out and about and I hear someone say it, I just sigh.  If only you knew how ridiculous you sound.  I know it's a catchy thing to say, but I've never been one to do something just because everyone else is doing it.
 This is one thing that drives me crazy.  To hear someone call a young man Buddy.  I'm sorry that is a name for a dog.  My son, nephew and friends are not a dog.  Our son has been called this multiple times my strangers, friends and family.  I cringe every time.  I have even told people "I'm sorry his name is -------, not buddy."
  Wearing your pajamas and or slippers in public.
 I'm all for being comfortable.  But really it only takes a few seconds to put on a pair of britches!  I guess I don't understand why people don't have enough respect for themselves to not take a few minutes to put your best foot forward.  Or maybe that is your best foot!  I have to admit I have bad hair days, days where I have some kind of manure on my clothes.  Days where I just don't want to get gussied up.  In all honesty, it only takes a few minutes to change your appearance from grungy to respectful. 
 It drives out Little Lady crazy.  We always giggle every time that we are watching HGTV and it's said.  When we want a good laugh we say it so we get the reaction that only she can do!  She shivers, covers her ears and rolls her eyes...
  So on and So forth...
 It doesn't drive me crazy.  But it's a running family joke in our house.  So I had to add it so that when The Mister reads this he will laugh.  That one doesn't affect us.  It's a good laugh for us.   

 I just think that like everything, we should speak as though we were taught.  Well, I grew up way different than how people are raising their kids now.  You speak your piece.  Respect your elders.  Don't cuss in the house, that's barn talk. You eat what your given.  Dress respectfully.  Say your prayers.  And respect yourself enough to act like your parents are standing right next to you. Most importantly be yourself, not the image of what everyone else is.  
 I believe that if more people conducted themselves like our elders did that our society would be in a much better place.  We wouldn't see all the horrible things we see every time that we turn on the news.  Dress appropriately.  Respect your vows. Teach your children to say PLEASE and THANK YOU.   Spend more time talking to people versus staring at your phone.  Sit down and have a meal together.  Do more as a family and less running around trying to outdo everyone else.
  The Mister and I have rules that we try and live by.  Rules that we enforce in and out of our house.  We believe that how we treat others and each other is what our children should do. Children will will do as they are taught and what they learn at home.  We always tell the babes that if you wouldn't do it if we were standing there, then you shouldn't be doing it.  That how you act not only reflects you but our family.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Friendships are a part of us as anything else we do everyday.
  They are almost like a marriage with the give and take.

I am one of those people that when I meet someone for the first time I know immediately if I will like them or not.  The Mister always makes fun of me for this.  I am picky about who my friends are.  And I say this now because that used to not be the case.  But like many marriages these days I was treated poorly and the friendship ended.  I hate when this happens, but once I sit back and think about it it's usually for the best.

My first and everlasting friendship was with my mom.  She was amazing.  Growing up there wasn't anything we couldn't share with her. She always gave us advice and left it up to us to choose our path.  We always spent a lot of time talking and sharing.  And when our babies came she was an amazing Mammaw.  I have a piece missing in my heart for the love, kindness and friendship we shared.  And there are so many times when I want to  talk to her or share something with her.  One of these days I will have so much to tell her!

My husband is one of my best friends.  Corny I know.  But he has seen me go through some very horrible things.  And he has stood by me.  Through the screaming, crying, sickness and changes.  And he's always there to put a smile on my face and tell me what I need to hear. Not what I want to hear. And he takes me at my best and worst.  He likes me the way I am and doesn't expect me to change.   He's the one that makes me want to be a better person.  He has helped me through the trials of the last couple of years.  And best of all he made me a mommy two our beauties!

Another person that I am lucky to have is my MIL.  She isn't your normal MIL.  We had a rough start and we still have our ups and downs.  But if we didn't it wouldn't be normal.  She is a great grandma to our babes.  We talk several times a week, we enjoy each others company when we are together.  And she makes me laugh with her quirkiness.  She has never tried to take the place of my mom for me or our babes and that is a testament of her love to me.

I am lucky over the last couple of years to become friends with some wonderful people.  Both men and women.  And these are the people that I confide in, hang out with, and bounce ideas off of.  The people that I trust in our home and with our babes.
 Jess and Molly have been there since I was a teenager.  We have been through some crazy things together.  And they know me so well.  And they always make me smile and know what to say when I need it.  We don't see each other every day.  But when we do see each other or chat it's just like we do it every day!

 Denise is my strong willed friend.  She's the one that like me she tells you how it is, take it or leave it.  She's the friend that  is never afraid to come out and help me.  She loves our babes like they are her own. She's my hero for being the brave cancer fighter she is.  For showing amazing courage, strength and positive attitude through it all.  If only more people were like that.

 Melissa is my friend and my SIL.  She is my goofy make me laugh my butt off friend.  She has the most outgoing, fun loving free spirit.  Her laugh is contagious and we have so much fun together.  And she is the momma to my little niece and nephew.  She would give you the shirt off her back no questions asked.  She is so loving and willing to do anything to help anyone.

Julie is my inspirational friend.  She is so comfortable in her own skin.  She is an amazing momma to 3 great kids.  She is a business woman with wonderful drive.  And I love seeing her.  And could just talk to her for hours.  She makes me want to move to Missouri and raise kids and cattle so we can be closer!

Dave V. and Ted J. are great cattlemen that I have met.  I respect them as friends and fellow cattle lovers.  I love talking cattle with them.  Bouncing ideas off them.  That even though I'm a women they treat me with respect.  It also helps that they make me laugh, a LOT!

Then there is Christy, Sandra, Dawn, Cathy, Katie, Betsy, Kim, Amber, Jennie and Emily.  Who are all amazing women who I am proud to call my friends.  Who each has helped me in so many different ways. Who have taught me what true friends are.  That I can be me and that's all I need to be.  Thank you ladies for letting be a part of your world.

And I also have some wonderful blogging friends.  I have not met them in person.  But they are always so supportive, kind and caring.  They are the people that leave comments.  That read our blog.  And make us want to keep sharing and showing what a crazy life we have sometimes.  Thank You!

Friendships come and go.  Some are meant to be short term.  Some long lasting.  Each are meant to teach us something.  I have learned that you only get what you give.  That you don't always get to choose how your friendships will grow or end.  That not every one is meant to be.  But that you should take something from each and every experience.  That if you have to work too hard at that maybe, just maybe it's not meant to be.  But most of all I have learned that there are still people that I can trust.