Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Cards

Valentines Day is coming up. One of the blogs that I follows offers free little actions here and there. And there was Valentine templates this last time. So I downloaded them and started playin. These are just for fun. But I think I will do these for the kids for school this year. I can do whatever picture, text or color. And they print in a 3 1/2 X 5... So the babies will have unique cards for school this year.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Sunday

Today was a busy day at the farm. We slept in, which never happens. During the week our morning starts at 4:45 and ends usually round 9-10. But today we slept till 9...which my husband wondered if I was ill because even on the weekends I'm up and moving by 7.
We had breakfast, Mark fed. Then he came in and we got our supplies together and marked tags. We bundled up and headed to the barn. While he was turning the show calves back out he mentioned to me to check the cows. We have our first calf due February 1.... I went to the barn and went to go through the gate and standing there looking all cute and fuzzy was a little black calf! I immediatley yelled for Mark and he came running. Well our cow decided to calve early.
So we proceeded to get her to the calving pens and get the little guy warm. Did I mention it was a bull calf? Yes, it was. Anyway we got them moved to the warmth of the barn.
Then we proceeded to do what we went out to do. We deliced and tagged all of replacement heifers. Then we castrated a bull calf we hadn't gotten to. We are feeding out a few for the freezer. It amazes me that the 4 of us can go through a whole side of beef in less than 12 months!
Then we went and look at some heifers and came home and worked outside a little longer, then came into the warmth. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Now to get some rest and get started on a busy week ahead.
Peace and Love Everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

For Sis

We painted Mahlias room recently. It is turqoise and lime green. She loves the beach and so we did a beach theme. There is a place on one of her walls that I was gonna do a collage. So instead of doing a bunch of little pictures and spending a fortune on frames I came up with this. I like the way that it turned out and it will match her room perfectly. So I think I will print a 16 X 20 canvas print. And it is full of pictures from our Michigan and Florida trips, so she can enjoy it even when she gets older.


Who couldn't love that face? Kimber loves to sleep. And sometimes when she sleeps this happens to her ears. It cracks me up. She also runs, barks, whines and snores very loudly. She is a very happy girl most of the time. And this was after a fun playtime with Duff outside in the snow. Hello, squishy face.

Denver Livestock Show

The Denver Livestock Show is happening right now! It's the best thing ever. Well it is if you love cattle like we do. Mark and I try and get away once a year just the two of us. And we went to Denver, and I loved it there. It was warm and sunny, everyone was nice and the town was fun. The weekend before the show is the one most go for. On friday night all the up and coming bulls are brought in and on display on the hill. Then by sunday afternoon they are gone. I cant wait till January 2012 when we go back!


This was during the snow the other day. I was waiting on the kids to get off the bus. It is soo cold right now. I feel bad for all of our animals. We are keeping hay out, straw down and they have automatic waterers. So they probably have it better than some people.


These are the babies first pairs of boots. I put them on the wall in our living room. It's sad to see how small they are compared to how big they are now. And they think it's "funny" that they used to have feet that small. Don't even get me started on the fact that I can't keep either one of them in britches right now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas table

This post is a little outdated. Every year I hear about people saying how they have to go to sooo many places. Well, when I got pregnant with little man I stood up at the dinner table and told everyone how it was gonna be. If they wanted to see us they would have to come to our house because I was not running around with our son.
Then my brother became a daddy and on christmas eve we go to their house. So really christmas is fairly unstressful other than planning a menu, shopping, decorating and all the trimming.
But I wanted to share our table with you. Nothing fancy or elaborate. Just a simple table for 12 people to sit and enjoy wonderful food with the family that we love.
So next year when you are running around and stressed out. Think about what the true meaning of christmas is. The birth of christ, who gave his life for us. And being surrounded by the people you love, and who love you.
:) dusty

Monday, January 10, 2011

Scarlett & Gray, Ohio

This past Friday, we packed, we washed, we clipped and we loaded. Then we drove almost 3 hours to Ohio to a cattle show. There was 3 adults and 3 children in 1 truck with a trailer. And 2 heifers and lots of tack.
This is Garrett with Lily doing his profile while the judge gave his reasons why he chose her to win the class

Here is Garrett and Lily just before they were chosen for Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer.

And here they are at the drive. She was bein such an angel that day. And Garrett was on his game.

Our boy waitin to go into the ring. He usually has a chat with her and talks softly in her ear. She just loves him. Almost like an overgrown dog.

Did I mention that at this particular show it was 26 degrees outside. And that we were stalled under and ovaduct with trains going over the top of us. Oh, and the only heat we had was a salamandor and a tent. Needless to say we were bundled up like little eskimos. But I am happy to say that so far noone is sick and we had a great weekend.
Ring A: 1st place Purebred Simmental Heifer, Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer.
Ring B: 1st place Purebred Simmental Heifer,
Reserve Champion Purebred Simmental Heifer.
They received some cash and an embroidered blanket. But the best was the cheesey smile on our boys face when he walked out of the show ring.

Hoosier Beef Congress 2010

Our boy and his heifer Lily. Lily is a purebred Simmental heifer. She will be 1 yr old in Feb. She weighs close to 1000 lbs and Garrett weighs 62 lbs. I am very nervous when he goes out there! The other two boys are our nephews, Tyler and Cody. Beef Congress 2011 will be fun. All four of the kids will be showing. So exciting and so sad, they are growing up too, too fast.

Hello there!

The other day I looked out the window and this is what I saw in my lilac bush. Soo pretty. Not the best picture since I took it through a window, but I really wanted it!


These are all over the house. In every room. In places that they shouldn't be. And I step on them at all hours of the day and sometimes at night. But they are one of our sons favorite things. So as I trip over them and pick them up ALL the time. I remember that he loves them and one day I won't be walking on them or over them.

Sleepy Head

This is my poor husband. Thankfully he doesn't read the blog so he won't see this. Poor guy works himself into nubbins.

Please, really again.

This is Harley. She is our 2nd oldest dog and a toy fox terrier. She weighs all of 11 lbs, but she acts like a great dane. I'm pretty sure she was trying to hide from me. Haha, I got you.

Beautiful Babes

These beautiful babes belong to my brother and sister-in-law. I love when they come over, cause they are so much fun. And I sleep sooo well when I go to bed at night. I love them to pieces.


He's such a stinker. He is our herd bull. Nuggent is a full-blooded Simmental Bull that we bought 3 yrs ago. We have several nice heifer calves that we have kept out of him.


This is Scotty. He belongs to a very good friend of ours. Mahlia is taking lessons this summer again and would like to do horses in 4-H. So we are borrowing him for her to get started and see if she really likes it before we spend a lot of money on a horse. He's such and awesome horse.

Gentle Giant

This is the face of a beautiful creature. Elmer is a 26 year old grade gelding. This is his bad side. He is totally blind in this eye. But he is sooo sweet and both of my children learned to ride on him. Recently we found out that he is going blind in his other eye. We struggle with what to do. He know where to go to get food, water and shelter and he gets around by folling the cows. But at some point we will have to put him down. Sooo heartbreaking, especially since we saved him from the glue truck 2 years ago.

Sleeping Princess

This is me and garrett playin with the camera. He's thinking of doing photography for a new 4-H project this year. HHHMMM.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year!

Soooo, the new year is officially 4 days old. I have spent lots of time with my husband and children and have not wondered far from the farm! Marks new job is wonderful! For the first time in our 12 years together, he was home 5 days at christmas and 5 days for new years. And noone called @ 5 in the morning needing him to come to the hog farm to come fix something. Thank you Pioneer for seeing the potential in my husband and hiring him. And i'm sorry to the poor pigs who may have suffered because he is no longer there.
I keep reading how everyone is making new years resolutions. We'll this chick isn't. All I want for the new year is my family, our health and the fact that Mark and I are prosperous in all that we do.
On that note, I have made some changes and have done some upgrades. So hopefully I will have time to take all the pictures that i want and share them with you. As I say this i am reminded that my husband is working nights and our first calf of the year is due on the 28th of this month. I will be a wreck from then until april. We will be starting the search for lambs and hogs, signing up for 4-h projects, calving, school, getting ready for plantig and cattle shows! So i will try and share the crazy ride that we call our life. Peace, Love and Chicken Grease!