Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Christmas is this weekend! The month of December is a busy one for everyone. I feel the pressure of getting EVERYTHING done. We start the month with a cattle show. Then a birthday on the 13th, 26th and 28th. Then there's Christmas and New Year's. So as much as I love the holidays, I'm tired and ready for the new year.
Today is the babies last day of school. There is snow on the ground, everything is bought other that the few things the kids want to get their dad. So in the next couple of days I will take a breath and sit back and soak it all in.
I am thankful, for my wonderful husband. The health and happiness of my children. Our farm that we take great pride in. And the fact that we have everything we need to be happy.
Nothing else matters. So to all of our friends and family, enjoy your family and soak in the moment!

Happy Holidays!
Dawson Cattle Company

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Farm

Ove the summer I took this picture with my cell phone sometimes I see something and have to take a picture. I didnt have my camera so I improvised. I love seeing this when I pop over the hill on my way home. HOME, nothing like it.


Sis always has her hands in her mouth! I'm not sure why, but I'm always swatting them out. Anyway, when the kids get a headache or dont feel well, they always ask for a washcloth. She did this on her own. She's a silly girl sometimes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oreo Smiles

The best part of being an Aunt, is the spoiling! When Kylee and Colten are here, its all fun and games. They love oreos and getting their pictures taken! Whats not to love about these.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Now that I've caught up on whats been going on, I will go out and take more photos. Photos that I hope will not sit idle on my computer and take so long to share. I have many more, but I am off to bed. Thank you for visiting. Come back soon.

Trick or Treating

For Halloween we go to my brothers and hang out. It's a lot of fun. Kylee was a Princesss and every princess should not walk. Colten was a ninja! And Brody was a dino, with noise and all. Garrett and Mahlia did not want their pictures taken. I just don't understand why.

Michigan Beach Fun

The beach was soooo much fun! Sitting in the sun with the sand between my toes was great. I can't wait for us to go back next year. It was so relaxing and I didnt have a care in the world.

Michigan water lover

Mahlia loved the water when we went to the beach! She could care less about the sand. And it was wonderful to see her smile and to hear her giggle.

Michigan Beach

On the way home from the fishing trip we took the kids to the beach. Garrett loves the water. And playing in that huge sandbox wasn't so bad either.

More Fishing In Michigan

Mahlia loved the fishing part. But she is not a morning person. So she slept foa a while, then fished. Which worked out for everyone. Because when she's happy, everyone is happy.

Fishing In Michigan

Over the summer we took the kids charter boat fishing in Michigan. It was tons of fun. We had to be at the boat at 6 in the morning, but it was fun and Garrett really loved it.

Summer Skies

This is 1 of the many things I love about living where we live! The wide open spaces, beautiful skies and clean air. I wouldn't live anywhere else. And I'm truely blessed to be able to raise our kids here.

Movin Hay

A lot of our summer is spent cutting and baling hay. And sometimes there's some play time in there. Sometimes it amazes me how much hay we have to cut to feed the animals all winter.

State Fair 2010

Garrett got to take his heifer Bella to the State Fair this summer. The funny thing is that all you see is feet most of the time because the heifer is taller than him. But we had a lot of fun and made a lot memories.

Big Boy!

Duff is getting so big. He's a typical puppy. I had forgotten how much like a 2yr old they are. He gets into everything! And he chews on everything he can. But he's also smart and he makes funny faces at you when he knows he did something he shouldnt have.

The last of the Family Photos.

Hank our heeler had to be in a few of the pictures. Actuallly, he just walked over and plopped down and refused to move. So we have him in them. I cherish these pictures soo much. I hope you enjoy them!

More Family Pictures!

I'm so excited about these photos since we haven't had any for so long. And they made wonderful christmas cards for all of my family that lives far away and doesn't get to see how fast our babies are growing up.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So we havent had family pictures in a while...So I made a list of what I would like and how I would like it.. My friend Amber came a few weeks ago and I took her and her daughters pictures with her camera and gave it back to her. Then sunday she came and took ours with my camera. I'm soo happy with them. I have several more and will post them. Actually, I have a ton of pictures to post. I had surgery on both my legs and things around here have been super busy. We have our first cattle show of the new show season December 3,4 & 5th.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In Trouble

I looked out the window one morning and noticed the electric tape down and all the cows hangin around... So I went out to check and this heifer had gotten in and got stuck! It took me over an hour to get her out and I was not a happy girl. But the heifers ok and she stayed away from the hay after that.


This is not our most recent photo... I'm a little behind with posting. I plan on updating the blog and making a better effort to stay up to date.
Anyway, I took this a few weeks ago with my phone. He is growing way to fast! And we have started working him on cattle as of last week. He does well so far, but he hasn't gotten kicked yet. I will try and take some picts of him working. He is true to his breed and very smart.

Bug Bites

Our beautiful little girl is VERY allergic to bug bites of any kind. She has had this issue from birth. According to the Dr it is because she is fair headed. And supposedly if she's gonna outgrow it, it will be around age 9 or 10. So this is what is looks like when she get bitten. It swells really bad and then she gets a blister at the bite area.
She wears the blue clip on and is sprayed with bug spray. But sometimes she gets mad and refuses to wear her clip on and this is what happens. She even has to wear one at school at recess. And if you want to know if you have fleas she can come over and let you know within about 30 mins.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Puppy Love

Garrett and Kimber are always wallowing on each other. They were taking a break after a serious session of wrestling!