Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's an ocean

I have been meaning to post the babes newly redone rooms.  I let each of the babes pick their colors, help paint and then we redecorated.  It was a lot of fun.  But it was hard to walk into their newly done rooms after.  They are growing up too fast and these rooms are tween rooms.  Anyway, Little Miss loves the ocean! So of course we had to have a beach/ocean room.  We both love it.  And it's so bright and cheery when you go in.

we had to decorate the door!

this is a collage i did for her with photos from Florida and Michigan.
the shells are Mr. M's from when he was a teenager.

she even wanted to decorate the windows!
we used postcards from our Florida trip. her first pair of boots, her first bible,
and a camel from India that was her dads when he was young.


Jent said...

Love the turquoise/blue ocean color - very cute!
I remember a year or so ago when my girls wanted their room redone - very hard for Mom, so I feel your pain and your excitement!

SDFarmWife said...


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous room. I would love a room like that myself. I can almost hear the ocean the waves lulling me to sleep. OOPs I mean Little Miss:) B