Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's that time of the week for What I'm Loving Wednesday!  I have many things I'm loving this week, but I will keep it short and sweet.  I hope everyone is staying cool and comfortable in the heat wave we are having right now.  I have been trying to make sure all the critters have shade to get to and plenty of cool water to drink.  And I hate knowing that there are people that don't have the finances to have even a fan to cool themselves.  So here is what this post is about!

1... I love that our Little Miss helped her daddy finish planting corn.  We are so glad it's in the ground.

2... I love that our Little Man no longer wears that boot.  He has not missed a beat with his new toes.

3... This Dog! He makes me smile.  He loves riding the quad, playing in water, chasing cattle and following me everywhere.  He has turned into a pretty great dog.  I wish I had all of his energy.                                    

4... I love how big the turkeys have gotten.  There is still 18 of them.  They have moved from their starter pen to the finishing pen.  They crack us up with their flapping and running around.                                                   

There are many things to love this week.  I'm loving my babes sleeping in.  I'm loving the sunshine.  I love that fair time starts in a little over a week.  I love that Mr. M may get to go with us to our biggest cattle show of the season.  We have so many blessings.  In this time when we are running around getting 4-H projects done, crops in, hay done and all the running that this change in weather has caused: remember to take time to remember the important things.  Our health, family and all the blessings we are given each morning when we wake.  Happy Wednesday!


Rachel said...

Love it! ;)

Buttons said...

This post is so true remember the blessings. I love your dog I miss my Border Collies.
Your little man is very handy.
Enjoy your week. B