Monday, June 27, 2011

Fun Fair times - Part 1

The fair was a lot of of fun. Little Man does 2 pigs, 2 lambs, a heifer, safe shooters and photography.  So each babe picks a lamb & pig.  Then they are responsible for its care and feeding.  Last Sunday, on Father's Day we had an open sheep show.  Here are a few pictures of those couple of  days.

Then on Monday we had the 4-H sheep show. Little Miss showed in the runt class.  Then Little Man showed both lambs, he had 3rd with his cross bred.  And 2nd, Reserve Champion Dorset.

Tuesday was the pig show.  Little Miss did the runt class with the blue butt gilt.  Then Little Man showed both gilts.  Little Man received 5th with his calico pig.  And then 2nd with his blue butt.

After the conclusion of the swine show, we always have our auction that evening.  We auction off the lambs, sheep and swine.  The kids get a premium check for the animals they auction off.  The community comes out and  supports the kids by bidding on the animals.  Next post will be the end of the fair.  Which includes the dairy and beef shows.  It's good to be back and we had a wonderful time at the fair. Happy Monday Everyone!

P.S.   this fair was bitter sweet for us.  it's Little Miss's last year as a runt.  this fall she will be in 4-H.  her first cattle show of the season is in December.  how time flies.  but she is super excited and already knows what kind of heifer she wants.


Sarah said...

I saw Little Miss at the beef show! Love her boots!!;0)

The Durrer Family said...

Our little guy will get to give Kiddy Showmanship a try this year... I can't wait! :) Your little ones are so cute with their sheep!

Purposely at Home said...

Looks like fun!! :)

Buttons said...

Oh your kids look so cute. I love the fair I especially love the children's showings. B