Monday, June 6, 2011

History Fieldtrip

Our Little Man LOVES history.  He watches the history channel, I take him to reenactments, he like the army supply store and is in history club at school.  At the end of the year there is a fun field trip.  This year we went to Fort Ouiatenon and a wold rescue  at West Lafayette, Indiana.  It was a fun day for us to share.  In September there is a reenactment at the fort called "Feast of the Hunter's Moon".   I'm getting tickets to take the kids.  Its should be a fun filled day.  So here are few pictures of our day and what we saw.  Happy Monday to Everyone!

the fort building

a description of the fort

the inside of the fort

our storyteller

some of the furs on the walls

one of the female wolves at the rescue

this mister was hiding from us.  it was a  little warm that day.

this is the oldest male wolf.  i believe they said he was 15.

hello handsome.

The wolves are all hand raised.  And the caretakers get in the enclosure with them.  There are buffalo's there and on Saturday and Sunday they turn the wolves in with the buffalo.  That way they keep their natural instincts.  And the Dr's who study them can track their habits.  It's a really cool place.  I recommend it..

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Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

OMGosh...that sounds like my youngest! He's 11 and LOVES history too! He would love this post. I'll have to show him sometime! He loves going to the army surplus store too!!
Have a great week!