Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Sooo it's Wednesday and I'm back from a short break from blogging.  And I have some catching up to do.  There are lots to love about this Wednesday, but I will keep it short and sweet!  Enjoy...

1... I love that I got to go on a field trip with Little Man 2 weeks ago.  We went to a wolf rescue.  And we got to spend the day together doing what Little Man loves,  HISTORY and animals.  I will do a post on the Fort that we visited that day.  We saw a fort, had a picnic lunch and went to the wolf rescue.  Its was a great day together.

2... I love that we have a set of geese that have set up house in our back field.  We check here and there  for goslings.  But  nothing yet.  I hope nothing eats them, because they are back in our woods.  That's their nest below them.
3...  I love that Little Man loves driving the quad! That way he can drive myself and Mr. M around like old people.  Not to  mention that Mr. M can get the gate and Little Man can move  the quad.  Less on and off the quad that way.
4...  I love my new planter I got at a flea market!  A gentleman was making them and selling  them.  I may need to go back and get a few more.  They are super cute and priced well.  And if they are in the planter Duff doesn't dig them up.

I hope you love what I'm loving this week.  I'll try and do some catch up posts of what we've been up too lately.  I really have missed everyone.  I do read my fellow bloggers posts.  I just haven't got to post very much not that we have had a break in the weather.  And the babies are home with me full-time now.  So we have been adjusting to being together again.   They are catching up on some much needed running free time and sleeping in too.  Me not soo much!

Happy Wednesday!

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Rachel said...

Love the planter!