Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun Fair Times - Part 2

Soooo, the week before the fair all non-animal projects are due.  The first of these projects due for Little Man was his Safe Shooting poster board.  That was the day Nuggent(our bull) decided to be bad.  So after the bull delay we got the poster board there and Little Man got a blue.  The next poster board due was his Photography poster board.  He got  a blue on that also.  During the first day of the fair we went to the Root Building to look at all the projects.  And he got the recognition of "Best First Year Project" on his Photography.  Pretty exciting.  He did better than me on my open.  I got a 2nd. 

Then this past Wednesday was the Cat Show, Baby Show, Rabbit Show and Fashion Revue.  I stayed home with the babes and let the sleep in that day.  On Thursday was the Dairy Show.  That's always interesting to watch because it's so different from the Beef Show.  Here are a few candids from the day.

On Friday was the Beef Show.  I will save that post for tomorrow! You might as well have the long drawn out version so you can get the full effect.  I hope all of you has a wonderful Tuesday!

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Buttons said...

Congratulations they are probably fantastic photos.
I can't wait till our fair it will probably right in the middle of our very late to start haying. I will have to make some decisions then.
I can't wait to see your beef show pics.
Your children are lucky to be able to participate my girls always did too. B