Friday, June 17, 2011

Bad, Bad Nuggent!

Today Nuggent (our simmy bull) was a VERY, VERY bad boy.  For whatever reason he decided that being in his lot was not good enough anymore.  Needless to say, he decided to do this when we were loading into the truck to take Little Man's Shooting Sports project in.  I always look out to the pasture to see where the cows are, and I see a large black body halfway down the lane to the back pasture on the wrong side of the fence.  And when I say the wrong side, I mean by not surrounded by hot high tinsel fence in the bean field.

So I hollered at Little Man to get the quad while I got a bucket of corn.  My SIL Melissa loaded the kids into the truck to keep them out of the bulls way.  And off G and I went.  We coaxed him him back towards the show barn, around it and in between the barns.  Then he made a small detour through the tool shed.  Then he went around the show barn to visit the pigs, lambs and show heifer.  At this point I was ticked.  Melissa was getting the gate to his lot undone.  And I grabbed a sorting pole and started moving him that way.  Well, Elmer decided to stroll out and eat the yard grass.  Finally, he was in.  We got Elmer in.  And fixed the gate Nuggent busted.  Then loaded into the truck and went to town. Little Man got a BLUE on his Shooting Sports Poster.  Then back home.

Well, Nuggent wasn't in his lot after about an hour of being home.  He ended up in the hay lot next to his lot and the cows lot he so desperately wanted in.  So once again off I went with a sorting pole to move him.

Well, we sheared the sheep again or an open show on Sunday and 4-H show on Tuesday.  And I went out to see what the cows were doing and just walk around.  And once again he was in the wrong lot.  So Mr. M had enough of me threatening to kill him.  And he turned him out with the cows.  Needless to say I'm exhausted from chasing him and he's happy to be back with all his girls!  I hope tomorrow is a better day for him and me and he isn't too mad at me for chasing him with a sorting pole and calling him VERY unladylike names.  Happy Thursday!

The Handsome Trouble Maker!


Crystal Cattle said...

I hope he stays put! Although he has been a pain, he looks like a great bull! My family raises Simmental cattle as well.

Purposely at Home said...

Yes, you should be able to order the book, Authentic Beauty from any Christian bookstore. I know that it is sold on Amazon... ;D