Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So this week is the week of early births. We had a cow due on Wednesday, she calved on Monday. Then one of my favs was due to calve on Saturday and she calved at midnight last night.
So Tinsel, thats the cow. We got her in December at the Season Finale. So she had to have a christmas name. Anyway, she showed signs of labor all day. So Mark palpated her and she was doing her thing to get the babe her. So we locked her in a pen in the barn. Finished what needed to be finished and came in. At 12 Marks alarm went off. After hitting snooze a couple of times I got up. And headed to the barn. After walking into a cattle panel and trying to kill myself I made it to the barn. FYI: carry a flashlight when its dark and the middle of the night. I peeked in the barn and all the cows were looking to the cow/calf side so I knew something was happening. So I looked at the pen where we had put her earlier, and there was a black/white babe. Then Tinsel moved and there was a red/white babe!
So being the great momma and milker she is, she has taken them both. I'm sooo relieved. And shes a sight. Shes black/white and two babes running around her. One looks like her and the other like a redheaded step child. I will get pictures soon. She's somewhat of a grouch when she calves so we keep our distance. And now shes very nervous and protective with two.
Happy Wednesday!

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