Monday, March 21, 2011

Manic Monday

This weekend was great! Friday evening was a flurry of things to do before the sun went down.  Then we headed to spend time grilling out with friends.  Saturday, was just beautiful! We spent the day outside. Mark had knocked over this dead tree last weekend.  We are gonna cut it up and burn the stump out.  Sis and I walked almost the whole farm picking up trash.  People seem to be okay with throwing their trash out whenever and whereever they please.  G rode the quad around and picked up some of the bigger rocks that are harder on the tractors.  Mr. M did haying and some work on the skid steer and his truck.  Then is was off to see Rango!  Sunday was a day of activity out.  We went and looked at sheep and pigs.  We are the proud new owners of one lamb and one pig.  So we are gonna shop around for one more of each.  Then if was off to dinner with Mr. Ms people. 
I hope all of you had such a full and wonderful weekend.  Summer will be here before we know it.  The flowers are starting to pop out of the ground, the grass is turning green and the birds are chirping more.  Have a productive and safe week!

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