Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mommy makes everything better.

In January we had our first calf.  And as first calves go, Mr. M thought he was okay. I thought he was put together pretty good and just had the "newborn uglies."  In my opion anything that is curled up for 9 months need a few days show what it truely can be.  So for the first couple of days, they have the "newborn uglies."  Yesterday after Mr. M left I decided to go out and walk through the calves.  I was sick of doing housework and the sun was shining.  So I grabbed my camera and went for a walk.  I always find it interesting that in our herd there are certain cows that are the "sitters."  These are the cows that are very nurturing and always taking care of the calves.  These are also the cows that when they lay for rest, all the calves lay with them.  And in this case our Alias decided he would use for a dinner plate.  He is eating hay off the back of one of the cows.

So I gues the moral is: when someone takes care of you, return the favor!  Happy Wednesday.

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