Monday, March 7, 2011

Manic Monday

Today I had big plans.. And as usual I should have known I would only get maybe 1 of the 10 things done I really wanted. I let the babes sleep in and go to school 30 minutes late. I'm a pushover when it comes to our two little babes. G and daddy went to Kentucky Beef Expo for the weekend and showed Lily. And sis stayed home with me to play nurse to the cows. We had a second calf heifer that acted like she wanted to have her bundle early. Anyway, back to what I was saying. After I got back I stood in the kitchen and watched the cows. Sure enough the cow in question had started labor. So I ate my breakfast, started some laundry and made beds. Then I waddled down to the barn. I really do waddle, I wear and extra 30lbs of clothes just to go the barn for a couple of hours. I fed the show calves, fed Elmer, fed the replacement heifers and chickens. Then checked on the cow. Nothing. So I watered everyone and the ferrier showed up to do Elmers feet. He forgot some stuff so he agreed to come back later.
Well, at this point I rechecked the cow and she was doin what cows do when they are in active labor. So being the stalker that I am when they calve, I got my binoculars and sat down in the yard to watch. After about 25 minutes I started to get nervous so I called Mark. He told me what he wanted me to do. So I waited. Then I called JD my brother-in-law and he headed over. At this point my stomach started to hurt. So JD got here and we waited and watched. We made the decision we were gonna pull. So we got supplies and moved momma to the tub area. We haltered her and proceeded to pull. Well the booger got all the way to his ribs then got stuck. Finally we pulled and she pushed and we got him out. Momma and baby are resting nicely in the barn for the next couple of days. And all was right in my world again.
Maybe I can run those errands tomorrow. Tonight we have a beautiful black/white bull calf that has a very good momma. And he has a perfect heart on his curly little head. The calf is a crossbred and not a holstein if anyone is wondering. The ferrier did come back and Elmers feet feel better. And now my stomach wont hurt sooo much till Tinsel starts labor in the next couple of days. Happy Monday everyone!

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