Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late Tuesday Post

Tuesday was a wonderful day spent with Little Man, Little Miss and our tow nephews.  And Tuesday was a reminder of the hardships of raising cattle and being a farmers wife. 
My good friend D and I took all four kids to Fair Oaks Farms in northern Indiana.  It was a long drive there and home.  But all went well.  The kids entertained themselves and got along.  It's fun to watch them learn about new things.  We are beef people and this was a Dairy Farm.  They have wonderful food there.  The food served there is from the milk made there.  So the milk and ice cream was super yummy.  A calving barn, so you can watch a calf be born.  Because it's more fun to watch without all the worry when it's your own.  An interactive barn where they can learn about the life of the people and the cows on the farm.  And then you take a bus tour to the actual barns where the cows are living and milked.  The kids thought it was cool that the cows rode a carousel to be milked.  It was a long day, but all went well and the kids learned something new.
Then when we got home the kids went and played.  And Mr. M and myself went and vaccinated/deliced the cows that have calved.  We have had a sick calf since Sunday.  We have medicated him and done everything within our power to make him better.  Sometimes that just isn't enough.  We lost him.  He was only 2 wks and 1 day old.  It broke my heart.  We wait 9 months for these babies to arrive.  And sometimes they just don't make it.  So I had a good cry and then went about getting all the kids fed.  My poor Mr. M buried the little guy.  Life is a daily struggle and today it was one of those reminders.

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