Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday

So today like every monday of the month is CRAZY here! I'm trying to be good and not drink so much coffee and eat the things that make my now healthy tummy feel not so healthy.  So it's back to the better eating for me.  I got the babes up and moving for school by reminding them that next week they can sleep in because they will be on spring break.  It worked like a charm.  Hopefully, it will work for the next four days. Then it was home, feeding, turning on fans for the show heifer and checking calves.  After a cup of joe I got started on the never ending laundry, making beds and cleaning the kitchen.  I left the mess from the birthday celebration yesterday for today.  Then I got to work on tax preperation.  I have an appointment tomorrow.  After that it was off to Lewisville to help my siste-in-law get a mattress and box springs for her sons new bed.  And then back home to again work on tax paperwork.  Sis got home from school and daddy got home from work.  And then we were off to get G from History Club at school.  Once home it was homework and more laundry.  And then daddy and I were out to the barn to medicate a cow and a few calves.  And then supper.  And bedtime.  I love the constant motion.  If I had to sit still too long I might get into trouble! Tomorrow is another day and more things to get done.  Make the most of it and enjoy it all at the same time!  The best part of the day is the sun is shining beautifully.

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