Friday, March 4, 2011

Some make it & Some dont

It's calving time.. And sometimes you just dont have time to think to grab bibs/wash pants. This was the case a couple of days ago. Mark got home and wasn't home minutes when his phone rang. It was his sister-in-law. One of the cows was calving, sac was broke and she saw BIG feet. Luckily, the kids had just walk in the door. They changed shoes, dropped school bags and we loaded up..
Jeff, Marks brother travels a lot for his job. So the sister-in-law either calls here or the vet. It's a good 15 minute drive to their place. So when we got there Mark checked it out. The feet were presented correct, but were very big and the sac was broke. So mark put a halter on the cow, which wasn't easy because she has never had a halter on. Tied her to a post, then put a sleeve on and checked her. He decided that the calf should be pulled.
So he and dawn put chains on the calves legs and proceeded to pull the calf out. The calf had a swollen tongue and his forehead was stuck.. So after a few good pushes from the cow and some good pulls the calf slid out. Unfortuneatly, for marks clothes a lot of fluids gushed when the calf came out. Needless to say the calf survived. Momma is healing. And mark rode home on a towel and i should throw these clothes away!
Happy Calving and have a great weekend!

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crystal.cattle said...

I love this picture! Sounds just like my house growing up, right down to the drop the school bags and jump in the truck. I am sure she is appreciative of all your help.