Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm In LOVE!

We have raised cattle for over 11 years together.  And sometimes a calf or calves comes along that I sometimes get attached too.  Sometimes it's because of the cow the calf comes from.  Sometimes its because it was a rough delivery, so you have a personal investment.  Sometimes its just because I can.  So that being said.  I am totally and completely in LOVE with the twins! I can waste a lot of time just watching them. 

I know everyone dislikes twins that are opposite sex because they are free martins.  But the joy and entertainment that I get from watching these two is just awesome.  Tabasco is the red/white bull, Lola is the black/white heifer.  They are too fun! They eat, sleep, play and even nurse together(one on each side).  They are the dynamic duo.  And the best part they always have each other! It's a good thing they aren't puppies or they would be in the house.  But I will just take pictures and continue to watch them from my kitchen window, where they put a smile on my face.  There's nothing better than seeing those white tails stuck in the air during a good game of chase.  Happy Tuesday.