Monday, October 24, 2011

Unmanic Monday

Monday is here and I'm okay with it.  Last week I worked at the National FFA Convention.  So I was gone from early morning till late evening.  Thankfully I have a wonderful MIL and Husband.  He knows how much I enjoy going.  And I only do this twice a year.  And my MIL was great.  She picked the babes up everyday, got their homework done and made supper each evening.  Which was great. I got to come home, hang with the babes and relax each evening.  Yesterday I got all 8 loads of laundry done. (I have a large capacity washer, lol) Dishes caught up.  Got Queen Lily scrubbed. And I ended the day by taking my brother and his families photos.  So this week is just a week of catch up.  And I'm okay with that.  It's amazing what a week away working with friends and meeting some great kids will do.  Happy Monday!


Buttons said...

Love the pic of the fungus I for some reason love fungus. LOL.
Great time to go away and not have to worry about things at home. Sounds like everything went well. 8 loads of laundry yikes. Have a great week. B

lowercase letters said...

hooray for a nice monday to catch up! sounds like fun at the FFA convention, i always wanted to do that. did you take pictures there? loved to see.
happy day!