Friday, October 7, 2011

My Favorite Things - Winter Clothes...

The weather is changing.  Right now we are having an Indian Summer.  It was 82 yesterday.  And today is supposed to be warmer.  But before we know it, it's gonna get cold.  I actually ordered our Little Man a new winter coat a few days ago.  Things don't slow down here just because it's cold.  The animals still need food, water and bedding.  So we have multiple hats, gloves, scarves, bibs, coats and long johns.  It's always funny to me when I do spring and winter cleaning how many of one thing we have.  A set of good, dress up and barn of shoes, coats and clothes.  So here are a few of my favorites.  What are your favorite keep warm outside clothes?  Happy Weekend to everyone.  Be safe.

Carhartt bibs are  a must!  I love the black, they are the arctic series.

A heavy coat. 

A light weight coat.  Sometimes I bundle too much, and wear a lighter weight coat.

This is Mr. Ms favorite thing.  He wears them especially when on the tractors or when it's really cold.

These neck warmers are great.  The kids even like them.

These ear warmers are nice.  And I like them for when we are in the barn and don't want to wear a hat.

I love this hat because it's colorful.. But it is fleece lined.

We like these gloves, because the velcro at the wrist.  And we can wear them all year.


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lowercase letters said...

i LOVE that beanie! i almost bought it one time, but it was only available on the internet in our area. :\ wish i had!