Monday, October 17, 2011

Manic Mondays

The weekend has once again flown by.  But what a weekend it was.  Beans are done at the BILs house. And we only have about 15 more acres here.  Then on to my FILs.  Then bring on the corn.  But I think with the forecast we may get slowed down.  There's rain that's supposed to come in.  Speaking of things coming in.  Look out for all the blue and gold that will be in Indianapolis this week.  It's national FFA Convention.  I get to spend the week there.  I get to hang out with my friends, speak to adults and see a lot of kids from all over the United States!  And then on Thursday, the Little Man and I will be on a field trip to the zoo.  I was supposed to do photos for my brother and SIL.  But the weather wasn't cooperating.  So we will try and get them done on this weekend.  And another friend is coming for me to take a few photos for her and her family.  I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.  Be safe and enjoy every minute...

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