Sunday, October 16, 2011

The life we love.

Many people I see and talk to don't enjoy getting up everyday.  They complain about not enough sleep, hating the job they go to, not liking the people they work with or just feel like they are in a rut.  I can't say that.  I am very blessed to do the most amazing job.  I wake up every morning around 5-5:30 and send Mr. M off to work with lunch and coffee.  Then it's coffee and the news for me.  Then waking our babes.  Taking them to school.  Then home for chores and whatever I have planned for the day.  That may sound boring to some, but I love it.  I get to wear jeans, tennis shoes and tshirts/sweatshirts.  I don't have to wear makeup or even do my hair.  I'm here when the babes get home every day. And I get to hang out with animals that love me because I feed them and they don't talk bad or argue with me.  If you are doing something that you don't love, you and only you can change that. 

Right now is the best time of the year, Harvest!  All of our friends and neighbors are out in full force.  This is the life we have chosen for ourselves and our children.  And sometimes that means we don't have all the things those around us do.  But we do have each other, love, food, shelter and clothing.  All of that is more important than anything else.  And I am so happy with the path that we have chosen for our family!


The Coolidges said...

What a great post. I could not agree more. Even though we don't have kids yet, I am a stay at home wife, and I try to keep things going here while the hubs is at work. It is truly the greatest way to live. I was raised in the city, but married a farmer, and I couldn't be happier. I love the life that we live.

Buttons said...

Awesome very truthful post. I love it it sounds like it is me. I never comb my hair:). B