Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Kicking..

Things are crazy busy! Like everyone we have many irons in the fire with the unusual weather here.  It rains, its snows, its sunny and then its a little bit of both.  Whoever knows what the weather will bring.  There is lots to get done and lots not getting done.  Mr. M got the last of the old fence ripped out.  So soon we will putting up the new high tensile in its place.  There is ground to work for planting.  Barns still to clean.  Show calves to take care of.  A few calves left to arrive.  Semen to order to start cattle.  And so many other things.  I guess we just need to make a list and put what's most important at the top of the list.  And just start checking things off.  Does anyone else feel that the crazy weather is making them crazy!

 This is a weekend of fun for our family.  Our Little Man turns 11! How time has flown by.  It's so exciting and scary to see the little person he is.  And I miss that adorable little baby we brought home.  So scared and not knowing what to expect.  And then the first of the week Mr. M and I will be married 13yrs.  I can honestly say that it doesn't feel it.  We have done and plan to do so many wonderful things.  It's an adventure every day.  And I love all the wonderful things we have done and will do. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend.  I truly do plan to get back to blogging on a regular basis.  I have lots photos and stories from the last few weeks to share.  Take Care!


The Durrer Family said...

You are So busy! One thing is for certain, with the exciting celebrations coming up, I hope that you take the well deserved time to play as hard as you're working! Happy Birthday to your little man and Happy Anniversary to you!

Alica said...

Time flies right on by, doesn't it?! We're thinking the same thing about our 13 and almost 16! Hope you have a Happy Anniversary!

Buttons said...

Happy Birthday little man.
I think all farmers are crazy with this weather there seems to be no down time this year because of no snow. I miss downtime I think everyone needs down time.
Have a nice weekend. Hug B

memory said...

Sounds like your life is full right now... that's the best way to go :) Happy birthday to your son!
Have a lovely weekend, Mrs. Dusty! Thank you for your words on my post about my little neighbor friend... So sad and heartbreaking what kids go through these days.