Friday, March 23, 2012


Last summer we had a horrible storm.  With hail the size of golf balls.  And it did LOTS of damage to the house and barns.  The crazy part we were less than a year from having our roof, facia, trim and gutters done.  So it was all taken off and redone.  Next month the siding is getting done.  We are going from gray roof and white siding.  To brown roof and tan siding.  And the hail shredded all the skylights in the barns.  So Mr. M decided to do this part by himself.  And I decided I would clean the barn that day.  Just in case.

There was 8 skylights just on this one barn.  And we had new calves so it needed done badly so they stayed dry.  And the day before we had got a snow. Needless to say I felt much better they were done and he got off that roof.  They had to be replaced with metal because all the new barns the skylights are in the side of the barn.  But that's good, because that means that shouldn't need to be replaced again.

                                                               Have a great weekend!

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