Monday, March 19, 2012

She just wants to move them...

The weather was beautiful all weekend here.  So I decided to get the big girl camera out and get to know her again.  And I wanedt to get a few photos of the calves.  Most of them are over a month all ready.  And of course I had my two shadows while I was out.  Possum and Duff.

 Duff just mills about smelling and smooching on the calves here and there.  Possum can't let go of her herding instinct.  She thinks that they all need to be in a tight circle.  And she is constantly pacing a perimeter around them and wanting to move them. And nipping and barkings.   And of course our mommas do not like that.

I love this photo.  This calf kept sneaking up at Possum and she decided he need to go somewhere else.  She gets told no a lot right now.  But when you need her to move them she's all about it.  Poor girl just loves to move cows. 

Have a wonderful week ahead..


Alica said...

We need a dog like that! :)

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Animals are so funny. I think of our old cow dog and all of the stories I could tell about him. Thanks for sharing.