Tuesday, March 20, 2012

They are growing fast!

Several of the calves are over a month old now!  It has flown by so fast.  So the Little Man and I went out to get a few pictures of the munchkins.  They are so curious and want to come up to you.  And they absolutely love the dogs.

stand very still and they will come!

she's thinking about it..

the princess, she loves sneaking up on the dogs.

umm, hey you two come play with me...

these 3 are so rotten.

the little bear

my little stinker

this was my little bottle baby

the princess.  she is the heifer from Little Mans show heifer Lily last year.

The Little Man and I had fun just hanging out in the pasture with the calves.  They were playing chase with the dogs.  Kicking up their heels.  Running and hiding behind their mommas.  They are so much like human kids.  I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!


Alica said...

So very cute...and healthy looking! Love to see calves enjoying themselves.

Alica said...

Just me again...I really like your barn board background on your blog...where did you find it?

Amanda said...

I love the one of the 3 "rottens" - you can tell they are stinkers! :)