Friday, April 15, 2011


wanting so bad to play catch with the babes.
Duff isn't our little fluffy baby anymore.  And it breaks my heart how fast he's growing up.  Next month he will be 1 year old.  He is my shadow wherever I go.  He has a routine just as I do.  When we feed he likes to make his rounds by walking through the cows.  The only problem a few of the cows would rather plow him through the fence to protect their babies.  So when I walk through the cows he has to sit and stay at the gate.  And every once in a while I catch him belly crawling out to the pasture.  And then there are those times when I just happen to look down and he is sitting at my feet.  And how can you be mad at him.  He's such a friendly, happy, loyal dog.  He kisses the lambs and pigs on their noses when I'm getting feed ready.  And when it's hot he likes to lay in the stall with Little Mans heifer in front of the fan.  He loves to ride on the back of the quad and in the truck.  But the best part is when I'm walking to the barn, he comes up and nibbles on the ends of my fingers.  Just a little reminder that my shadow is there protecting me.

hangin out while i feed the replacement heifers and chickens

how could you resist that face!

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Leontien said...

ohhh great post! and ye looks a little bit like our Jones! I bet they would have fun playing together!