Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Little Man

Our Little Man! He is kind, funny, smart and onery as the day is long.  Today he had to have surgery.  It has been one of the longest day of our lives as parents.  This boy of ours has never had anything major.  No hospital stay, major illness or broken bones.  Today changed all of that.  He has a symptom called curly toe.  That means that the toes are curling under themselves because the ligaments in the toes are seizing up.  So we went to the hospital at 7:30 this am and started the procedure.  The iv in the arm was bad.  Then we had to wait.  Then there was the awful walk down the hallway before he went into the surgery room.  Then the waiting! Oh gosh the waiting.  The procedure ended up taking a little over an hour.  Then the consult with the Dr.  Then more waiting.  I just wanted to scream!  Watching the door and looking at every nurse that came through the door.  And then finally, we could go back.   And he was groggy and want his daddy and momma! Oh bless the heavens.  Finally, after he was able to wake and keep some fluids down we got him ready to go home.  They told us with the anesthia and pain meds he should rest comfortably for the rest of the day.  Well, our boy stayed awake all day!  The best part is that he hasn't had any pain so far and is such a trooper and doing wonderfully.  He has to be in a surgical boot for 4 wks.  Oh, did I mention at the end of the 4 wks we go back and do it all over again because we have to then do the right foot.  Ohh my I may not be able to take it again.  It was agony.  Thankfully I have some of the best friends and family.  So our boy will be good as new soon and pain free.  Thanks for listening to my blabbering.

ps.. the photo above is of the boy trying out the scope on my brothers new rifle.  the Little Man takes safe shooters where he learns gun safety and awareness.  we try and expose our babes to many different things and make them aware of many diffterent things. and that includes gun safety, mueseums, fancy restaurants, and as many things as we can.


Jill aka Mommacita said...

Hang in there!

Marli and Memory said...

Haha, love the last comments! That's a great picture... my brother would be having a cow right now looking at that gun ;)
Blessings and hope he's better sooooooon!
<3 MeMoRy

Leontien said...

I never grew up with guns so for me it is still amazing what Americans can do with them. But I love the fact that they get exposed to all kinds of things!