Wednesday, April 6, 2011

not your normal kitchen items

Living on the farm is an everyday learning experience.  We are vets, dieticians, mechanics, caretakers and agronomists.  We didn't go to school and get degrees to learn all of these things.  All of these things are learned by trial and error.  And sometimes I have things on my counters, in my sink and dishwasher that are not normally in someone's kitchen.  I think that if someone would like to truely test appliances they should let a farmer's wife do it. We can truely put things to the test.  Clothes, boots, washer/dryer and dishwashers are put to the test when you live the life we live.  So please don't be shocked by the things drying on our counters.  It's for the health and well being of our critters.

reusable syringes

our calf tuber ( its used to get fluids directly into the tummy)


Marli and Memory said...

lol... i love this! farmers\cattle people are amazing people (:

Jill aka Mommacita said...

That picture sure looks familiar!