Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy times

Right now I feel all jumbled up like this box or sidewalk chaulk!  Our Little Man is doing well.  I'm trying to keep Little Miss from feeling left out.  I'm inside with our boy most of the day, but i'm running out several times a day to heat check cows, do chores, make sure every one of our four legged friends is taken care of.  And then there's gettin to school, meals, housework and all the other endless things to do.  I'm really over all the rain we have been given lately.  I'm ready for summer, sunshine, fresh cut grass and the smell of hay!  And this weekend is Easter so I helped out the Easter Bunny today.  So one of these days things will get back to what we call normal! But for now im just a crazy mixed up box of sidewalk chaulk! Happy Day To All of YOU!


The Durrer Family said...

Hope at least the pretty colors help brighten your day... maybe you could have your Little Miss draw some flowers on your sidewalk for you!

Marli and Memory said...

Hey ! We got your post on wanting us to help with a name for the new one. :) We will be thinking and let you know...;) We are honored!