Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Soon school will be over and that means a lot of things.  My schedule will change a lot of different ways.  I will have some help around here.  But it also means the fair is coming.  This year is another year of fun projects.  2 calves, 2 lambs, 2 pigs, safe shooters and photography for our Little Man.  It also means this is the last year that it will be just him.  Little Miss will start showing cattle in December.  And she wants to do all the projects he's doing plus horses.  Normally I wouldn't be too worried but that is also our busy time here at home.  And also a busy time for Mr. M at work.  So we will trudge through.  I love 4-H and the projects.  I love that our kids want to do it.  And that they want to learn about multiple different things.  I love that it teaches them about responsibility, awareness, self confidence, respect, friendship,  and sooo many other things that as a parent are important.   Happy Tuesday!


The Durrer Family said...

I. Can't. Wait! for our guys to start 4-H. I still credit 4-H for so much in my life, so many experiences I would have never found otherwise!

Marli and Memory said...

This makes me miss being in 4-H. :( I did it for several years and I loved it! Public speaking was one of my favorite events. I wish I had gotten into the animal showing part. I really would encourage you to get your kids into public speaking... it changed me! I now love saying a speech! =)
Best wishes to you and your kids as they compete! =)

The Wife said...

Busy days! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment! I've had a hard past few years losing my dogs. That quote really spoke to me when I found it. Come back any time!