Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday

Lily in her pen with the sun shining in on her.

I'm soo glad today is Friday for multiple reasons...Our boy is more mobile.  He isn't taking any pain meds during the day anymore.  On Monday we attempt school.  But I love weekends for lots of reasons.  Mr. M is home with all of us.  The babies get to sleep in.  And we get to hang out and not rush around.  I took the boy out for a ride to town to get some movies.  Tomorrow will be our day of sleeping in and not doing much with all the small ponds we have everywhere and more rain headed our way.  And Sunday is Easter!  I love everything about Easter.  It's one of the best holidays.  I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend.  I hope you take the time to stop and remember what this holiday is about.  Be thankful and count all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and yours.  Happy Weekend to all of YOU!


Leontien said...

I hope you had a lovely Easter with everybody healthy and present!


Marli and Memory said...

Marli and my name choices for your new cutie :) -
Lita, which means love and beloved. We chose this one because God LOVES us so much He sent His only BELOVED Son :)
Second, Nastia, which means resurrection :)
What a sweet blessing for your request of our suggestions! Sounds like a neat little calf... can't wait to see pictures!
Hope your Easter was blessed!
*MeMoRy (for Marli too!)

P.S. Thank you for your sweet birthday wishes! It made my day!