Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday

Monday is here once again.  Today isn't such a bad Monday.  Mr. M is hanging out since there isn't much to do outside in the rain and lighting we have today.  I have been cleaning up photos on my laptop.  It was getting bad how many photos that were on that thing.  Later, I'm gonna work on the desktop.  Probably should do some laundry.  We had a show on Saturday and the laundry isn't too bad. 
We had a productive weekend.  Friday we got the calves washed and clipped.  Mr. M plowed up what will be our new hayfield.   Did some little odd jobs around the farm.  Then Saturday we loaded and went to the Bill Rogers Classic Cattle Show for the day.
Garrett & Lily: Bill Rogers Classic, Reserve Champion Simmental Heifer

Then Sunday we slept in a little.  And went to breakfast with friends.  And then it was all business.  Truck/trailer to unload.  Heifer to wash.  Cow/calves to get moved.  Fence to fix.  Feed to grind..  And watch Nuggent (our bull) think he was gonna kick Elmer's (our gelding) butt.  He got halfway into it and changed his mind.  It was sooo funny to watch.  A 2000lb plus bull be afraid of a 1700lb 27 year old, half blind horse.  Then it was off to friends for some much needed steak grilling! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  The week should be full and eventful.  Happy Monday!

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