Friday, May 11, 2012


Happy Friday!  There are many wonderful changes going on around the farm.  We finally got our hay down.  Hopefully we will be baling this weekend.  I wish there was a scratch-n-sniff button, the hay smells so good.  I wish there was a candle that smelled like that.
  Anyway....breeding is going well.  We are sending a cow to the vets to be flushed.  All the babes are growing well and are loosing some of that cute, cuddliness.  Mr. M is planting like crazy at work.  But so far his hours haven't been too crazy and he has been home most of the weekends.  The babes only have till the 25th and then they will be out of school.  Let the summer begin. 
AND, we are remodeling the outside of our house.  We did new roof, trim, facia and gutters last year.  Now we are doing; new siding, garage windows and exterior doors.  It will look so nice when its done.  Our house was build in 1863 according to court house records.  So slowly but surely we are remodeling.  I have been taking photos along the way.  I will share once the outside is done.  I'm so excited!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

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Kimberley said...

They should make a candle scent for fresh cut hay...that would be great!! It will be a while before I get to smell it up here as we don't typically start until late June early July!