Tuesday, May 15, 2012

He's the first baby..

When Mr. M and I got married I decided to get a new puppy.  I went to a horse show in Edinburgh with a friend and he was at a place not far away.  And I fell in love at first site.  He was the only red puppy out of the litter.  And he was the largest.  So I payed for him and we started the trip home.  He vomited in my truck on the way.  He whined and whimpered.  And when we got home I couldn't put him down.  Mr. M named him Hank.  We were not at the farm yet.  So we crate trained him and he became a house dog.  When we moved to the farm, I was so worried that he would get hit.  But he just went with the flow.  And he became an outside dog.  He no longer wanted to be inside.
Since then he has lost a toe to getting stepped on by a pig.  Been kicked in the mouth and lost a chunk of his tongue.  He fought off a coyote and spent three days back and forth at the vets and caged for a month since he lost so much blood and almost died.  He has started having lots of problems, but that's what happens when your 13.

He can hardy get up to move when you open the door now.  He cant stand more than a few moments at a time. He stumbles when he walks.  He can hardly get up.   I give him pain medication to keep him comfortable a couple of times a day.  But this dog has been a part of our family for so long.  He has worked with us.  Protected us.  Been a companion.  And he hasn't shown that he's  ready to give up yet.  So until that day when he just doesn't go to the barn, we give him the extra attention he's due.  His days are spent watching the babes.  Laying and watching the cows graze.  And being the retired old man. 

There's only one Hank.
  I hope all of you have that special pet in your life.
That gives you the unconditional love that they give so freely. 


Alica said...

Our pets become such a part of us, don't they? You've given Hank a wonderful life, and it sounds like he's returned the favor. Pet him for me! :)

Buttons said...

Oh Hank is beautiful I had two border collies that I was lucky enough to live for 15 and 16 years I had a hard time when they left so I understand what you are saying. Hug B

Birds, Bees, Berries, and Blooms said...

Your Hank is beautiful. I so understand your sorrow for his current situation. It was a hard day when we had to put our Ezra down. It is tough knowing when you are helping or hurting.