Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bull Search

Several cattle men and women use Artificial Insemination to bred their cows.(ill do a post to explain)  Then follow up with a sire (bull) to catch anything that does not get pregnant.  In January there is a show in Denver called the National Western Stock Show.  During one weekend of this show all the new bulls for that year are on display.  Then you can see the actual bull and talk to the owners.
 Then shortly after that all the catalogs and fliers start coming about all the bulls available.  You don't actually get to use the bull.  You are purchasing a small straw filled with that particular bulls frozen semen.  But the big part is deciding what bull to breed to each of your cows.  You want to make the best possible calf you can.  So there are many discussions about what bull to breed to what cow and how when you combine the two hopefully you'll get this...  And there are many, many to choose from. And hopefully after all the decision making, ordering and breeding it is the best calf you can get from that sire and cow.

this is one of the most important magazines we get.
its as thick as a book
it has sales, bulls, shows everything the cattle lover needs.

these are just a few of the semen books that we get

this is the Simmental book..
super important here!

a sample of a page.
you get a small description of the bull, his sire and dam
who owns him, where to purchase his semen
and all of his epds and of course a picture of him

another sample.
there are many to a page in this book.

Choosing a bull can be time consuming.  But you want the best calf crop so it's worth it.  I hope your not too confused.  We are finalizing our who to breed who to.  But once its done we make a chart and hang it with the A.I. kit then we know exactly what cow is getting bred to what bull. 

 Happy breeding to everyone.

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